Google Maps trapped you badly! A person got stuck in such a place due to shortcut, police had to be called, see viral video

Google Maps User lands in trouble: Such an incident has happened near Ooty in the Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu, knowing about which you may lose trust in Google Maps. Actually, a person used Google Maps to reach his destination quickly.

SUV stuck on stairs

Within no time he got into trouble. According to the news going viral on social media, the man’s Toyota SUV got stuck on the stairs while following Google Map. After this, with great difficulty a group of policemen and volunteers together helped the man get the vehicle out of there.

Had to take help of police

Someone captured this extraordinary situation on camera due to following Google Maps. When this video went viral on social media, this incident attracted the attention of people on a large scale. In the video footage you can see that a group of policemen and volunteers are carefully removing the SUV from the stairs and bringing it to the right road.

Users shared their experiences

Many users of Google Maps expressed their concern citing similar situations with the navigation app. Referring to a horrific incident in 2016, a user said that he was going out of Bengaluru with two of his friends. It was almost midnight and the road was dark.

They entered a forest, and Google Maps led them to a cliff. Luckily they realized something was wrong and when they got out of the car to investigate, they found themselves at the curb. Then they immediately took the car back.

Sharing his experience, another user said, I recently faced a problem due to Google Maps. It often shows users roads that can only be reached by bike. Google Maps should be able to identify what means the user is accessing. For example, Google Maps should tell car users to show CarPlay and display roads that are suitable for cars by default.

At the same time, on the viral video of the strange position of the man in the car on the stairs, another person raised a question in support of Google Maps, saying that sometimes Google Map makes mistakes, but was the man driving with his eyes closed? Otherwise it would not have been possible that he would not have been able to see the stairs and would have taken his cart to the stairs.

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