Good News: 300 additional buses will run on Dussehra-Diwali and Chhath, passengers will get relief, instructions from Transport Minister

UPSRTC: Passengers are not able to get confirmed tickets in trains to go home on Dussehra, Diwali and Chhath festival. In such a situation, Uttar Pradesh Transport Department is preparing to provide relief to the passengers by running additional buses. The Transport Department has given instructions to the depots to run additional buses on the demand of passengers from today i.e. from 20th October to 15th November. Transport Minister Dayashankar Singh said that there is more crowd from Anand Vihar to various places like Tanakpur, Rupaidiha and Sonauli. Similarly, a large number of devotees go from Saharanpur to visit Shakumbhari Devi. People also travel in large numbers from Moradabad and Bareilly to visit Purnagiri Devi. He instructed the officers that the buses should be on-roaded and not kept in workshops. He said that care should also be taken to ensure that bus stations and buses remain clean. Also, there should be no shortage of drinking water and other arrangements at bus stands. MD Masoom Ali Sarwar has issued orders to all regional managers, service managers and assistant regional managers.

Buses will run from Charbagh, Kamta, Kaiserbagh and Alambagh in Lucknow.

It has been decided to run additional buses during the festival. In this, additional buses will be run from Charbagh to Rae Bareli, Amethi etc. routes. Apart from Kamta to Gorakhpur route, Kaiserbagh to Sitapur, Lakhimpur and Hardoi, buses will be run on Barabanki and Alambagh to Kanpur, Jhansi etc. routes, which have been kept in reserve.

In view of the traffic jam in Lucknow, there was a change in the route

To provide relief from the jam in Kaiserbagh area, buses coming from Sitapur and Hardoi will be brought from Daliganj to Kaiserbagh bus stand via City Station, Christian College. The Roadways Administration is making preparations regarding this. Whereas till now these buses are reaching Kaiserbagh from Daliganj via Martyr Memorial, Globe Park, DM Office. Let us tell you that people are not getting relief from the traffic jam in Kaiserbagh area.

For this, many efforts were made by the roadways administration and traffic police, but they could not succeed. A joint report was also prepared on the reasons for the jam. Illegal encroachments, scrap shops and parking of lawyers’ vehicles were to be removed from around the bus stand, but work was not done in this regard, due to which the jam could not be removed. In such a situation, efforts are being made by the roadways administration to reduce the jam. For this, talks are going on between the roadways officer and the traffic police.

A plan is being worked on that buses from Hardoi and Sitapur routes will come to Daliganj bridge. After this, these buses are brought to Kaiserbagh via Martyr Memorial, Transport Corporation Office, Commissioner Office, Globe Park and DM Office. Due to this, many times there is severe jam on the route. In such a situation, now these buses will be brought from Hardoi and Sitapur to Daliganj bridge, from where they will be diverted towards the city station and brought to Kaiserbagh via Christian College. There is a discussion on running more than 540 buses on this route. Whereas buses coming from Barabanki, Bahraich will be brought to Kaiserbagh through Globe Park route only.

Route diversion will be difficult

The decision to divert buses on Hardoi and Sitapur routes will not be easy. Roadways officers themselves say that there is traffic jam near the city station every day due to vehicles coming from the Medical College side. In such a situation, the jam may become worse due to shifting of roadways buses on this route. It should not happen that there is relief from traffic jam on the Globe Park route and the City Station route gets stuck in the jam.

Construction of Jankipuram bus stand will provide relief

About 12 hundred buses operate from Kaiserbagh station. In this, there is a plan to shift the buses of Sitapur and Hardoi routes to Jankipuram bus stand. Once this bus stand is built, the buses will be shifted there, which will reduce the load of buses here and provide relief from the jam. However, it will take time to build the bus stand. Meanwhile, RK Tripathi, regional manager of Lucknow zone, said that a meeting has been held with DCP Traffic regarding the jam caused by roadways buses. It has been agreed to change the routes of buses coming to Kaiserbagh from Hardoi and Sitapur routes. Soon, after informing the concerned depot in this regard, buses will be run on the changed route, this will provide relief from the jam in Kaiserbagh.

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