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Give new flight to your career with Drone Technology

Drone Technology The central government has allocated Rs 500 crore for the NaMo Drone Didi Scheme in the interim budget, which is 2.5 times more than last year’s allocation. At the same time, America has also approved the sale of 31 Predator drones to India. The drone industry is one of the rapidly expanding sectors. Today, drones are being used in many fields including defense, agriculture, healthcare, tourism and many others. If you aspire to make a career in a sector full of possibilities, then the drone industry can give you great opportunities…

The rise of drone technology is rapidly changing the landscape of the job market, as these unmanned aerial vehicles are opening new career paths for the youth in various fields. The agriculture sector has become drone-driven, as industrial farms and agritech startups have started using this technology. Drones are now being used for agricultural activities like pesticide application and monitoring crop health. Drones are also being used in the real estate sector for aerial survey and 3D modeling. Apart from this, the use of drones has become prevalent in environmental protection, wildlife monitoring, law enforcement, geographical mapping, archaeological survey, weather forecasting, air traffic management, sports tourism and entertainment. In such a situation, being a student of science, if you want to touch the heights of success in the field that is expanding with time, then you can give a boost to your career in drone technology.

  • Indian drone market is expected to reach Rs 12 to 15 thousand crore by 2026.

  • Drone training and education market will reach $349 million by 2030.

You can enter this industry

Youth who have passed 12th with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from a recognized institute can enter the field of drone technology. This subject is taught in IIT institutes. At the same time, students from technical background like Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation or Computer Science can also do courses related to drones. Under the Drone Technology course, students are taught subjects like Basic Principles of Flight Planning, ATC Procedure, Radiotelephony, Emergency Identification and Handling, Aerodynamics, Air Space Structure and Restrictions and Basic Aviation Meteorology etc. Apart from this, it is told under which categories drones are being used in India. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has classified drones on the basis of their weight, design and range.

You will get opportunities to progress in these professions

With specialization in drone technology, you can advance yourself in the following career options in this industry-

Design Engineer and Assembler: The number of manufacturers manufacturing drones and assemblers assembling them is continuously increasing. This industry needs such youth who can develop drones based on their expertise in engineering branches like aeronautical, electronics and electrical, mechanical and robotics engineering.

Drone Pilot: With the increasing trend of drone shows, the demand for drone pilots is also increasing, companies need trained professionals who can manage drone flights remotely. A drone pilot is hired for cinematography, aerial photography, mapping, modeling and many other uses.

To become a drone pilot, you need a Remote Pilot License (REPL), which is authorized by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). DGCA also approves Remote Pilot Training Organizations (RPTOs) to conduct training. There are 52 approved RPTOs in India.

Pilot Trainer: Certified teachers are required to train candidates who wish to become drone pilots. They play a vital role in ensuring safe flying.

Drone Flight Planner: This profession involves determining flight schedules, altitude, weather-related instructions, and capturing picture or video instructions to meet data goals. Drone flight planners also need to understand the specific use-case, location of the flight, area where the drone is to land.

Drone Data Specialist: Drone data specialists and GIS engineers coordinate the processing and analysis of the dataset. GIS professionals help companies interpret images, video, and maps to identify trends and potential problem areas. The drone industry is seeing a growing demand for domain-specific experts who can transform drone data into actionable insights.

Namo Drone Didi Scheme will promote women in this field

NaMo Drone Didi Scheme was started in 2022. The aim of this scheme is to train at least 15,000 women across India as ‘Drone Didi’. Under NaMo Drone Didi Scheme, women will be given training in flying drones, data analysis and maintenance of drones. They will also be trained for different agricultural works using drones. These include monitoring of crops, spraying of pesticides and fertilizers and sowing of seeds. In the interim budget, the government has allocated Rs 500 crore for the Namo Drone Didi Scheme.


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