Ganesh Puja 2023: Ganeshotsav celebrated in Rourkela, see some special puja pandals of Rourkela

Rourkela: Ganeshotsav is celebrated from Steel City to Smart City. On Tuesday, Ganesh Puja has been organized by various social organizations and clubs including various schools and colleges of the city. Grand pandals and grand idols are being installed and worship is being done. After morning prayers and floral tributes, Prasad was distributed among the children in the schools and colleges of the city. Similarly, along with making a grand idol, a huge pandal has been constructed from leaves by the Civil Township Ganesh Puja Committee. Puja Committee President Sanjeet Singh, Secretary Vikas Sharma, Manoj Aggarwal, Manish Aggarwal, Amit Gupta, Ashok Marothia etc. members had active contribution. The puja committee will distribute different prasad among the devotees for 10 days. Apart from this, the puja committee will also organize many cultural programs along with bhajan evening. Similarly, Chhend Bright Line Welfare Ganesh Puja Committee has made a grand pandal in the shape of Jagannath temple of Puri along with a grand idol of golden pearl. After the ritualistic worship by the priest, the devotees offered floral tributes. After this Prasad was distributed.

Pandal made in the shape of Vietnamese palace

A grand pandal in the shape of a palace of Vietnam has been made by Basanti Colony Helpz Club. Also, the grand idol of Lord Ganesha was installed. Worship was done from morning to afternoon. After this Prasad was distributed among the devotees. Along with setting up Meena Bazaar, many types of swings have also been installed here. Many cultural programs have been organized by the committee on the occasion. Similarly, under the aegis of Civil Township Shri Gajanan Ganesh Puja Committee, a grand pandal was made and worship of Lord Ganesha was done. Committee members Rohit Aggarwal, Varun Bagadia, Anshul Aggarwal, Samak Aggarwal, Ayush Khedaria, Harsh Khedaria, Jasmeet Singh, Jasdeep Singh, Siddharth Aggarwal, Bhupesh Goyal, Chetan Aggarwal, Anish Aggarwal, Rahul Somani had important contributions in making the puja successful.

See the new Parliament House in Power House Road

Power House Road Truck Parking Bal Gopal Ganesh Puja On behalf of the committee, puja was performed in the grand pandal along with installing the pandal and the grand idol in the shape of the new Parliament House. Meena Bazaar and fair have been organized by the puja committee. Similarly, a grand idol has been installed along with making a pandal in the shape of Baba Baidyanath temple on behalf of Shivaji Marg Ganesh Puja Committee. Apart from this, the destroyer of obstacles is being worshiped by making small and big pandals in the sectors of Ispatanchal also.

Ganeshotsav celebrated in Birmitrapur also

Small puja pandals have been made at dozens of places in Birmitrapur. This year also the puja has been organized by Jai Maa Sherowali Ganesh Puja Committee located in Cinema Hall Road, Birmitrapur. President Mayank Pandey, Vice President Aditya Dixit and Rohit Keshari, Secretary Satyavrat Jena, Joint Secretary Naveen Thakur and Akash Sahu, Treasurer Vikash Jha, Vice-Treasurer Aman Jha and Nikunj Aggarwal had commendable contribution in making the puja successful.

Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Birsa Dahar Road

Ganeshotsav was celebrated with great pomp on Tuesday at Saraswati Vidyamandir complex located on Birsa Dahar Road. The puja started at nine in the morning. On this auspicious occasion, School Management Committee Chairman Naresh Aggarwal, Vice President Rishi Arya, Secretary Subhash Chandra Aggarwal, Treasurer Pankaj Garg, Principal Chittaranjan Das, Co-ordinator Suchitra Lenka, all the teachers and students were present. Finally the puja ended with Aarti and distribution of Prasad.

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