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While officials are busy with Lok Sabha elections, wood smugglers are busy in Bishunpur. While the officials are busy with the Lok Sabha elections, the wood smugglers are busy. It is being said that the permission to cut Sal trees in the plot of Raiyat Dashrath Oraon and Sukhram Tana Bhagat of Borha village situated in Banari Range Kasmar of Lohardaga Forest Division was given by the zonal and forest department for 37 trees. But more than 70 trees were cut by the smuggler from the Raiyat and protected forest area. The Forest Department also left no stone unturned in making the illegal appear legitimate. Because UP number UPBT-1248 LP truck carrying the said valid and illegal year bottles reached Banari Range Office, where the said truck was kept in Banari Range Office overnight by the Forest Department. The next day, on Tuesday afternoon, around 1 o’clock, he was released after being issued a paper for transporting permission. Villagers say that even before this, two 12 wheeler LP trucks and one bauxite truck had loaded sal bottles and taken them from the said reserved forest area via Banari Range Office Naka by smugglers. Sal trees have been cut in the forests of these villages: Dashrath Oraon of Borha village of Banari range had got approval to cut 17 trees, while 22 trees were cut by smugglers. While three trees were sanctioned from protected forest area and 20 trees were approved in the name of Sukhram Tana Bhagat, 23 trees have been cut. Eight trees are being cut from Damkum forest in the protected forest area, five trees are being cut from Jori forest, while about a dozen more trees are being cut from other places in the forest area. Cutting and loading takes place in the presence of forest guards: If sources are to be believed, some forest department personnel are present at the time of cutting and loading of trees. In such a situation, even the villagers are not able to ask them anything. The game of legal and illegal is played by smugglers. Villagers say that if forest savers start working together to destroy forests, the day is not far when we will be able to see only mounds of stones in the forests of Lohardaga range. DFO said: DFO Arvind Kumar said that if more trees have been cut than permitted, then it is a serious matter. If the department has given the paper of transporting permission to the vehicle loaded with boats, then the vehicle will pass through many places. Will be caught somewhere. However, in the light of the information received, the matter will be investigated once again.

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