Forehead Lines: Forehead lines will tell you the right profession for you.

Forehead Lines: The line of Mars on your forehead informs you that you will progress a lot in your life and also you will get a lot of respect and prestige in the society. If you look at this line very closely, it will move from right to left. Many parallel lines are visible, all of them are very important and influential. You have to identify them, how to identify the Mars line on your forehead. This line, when counted from top to bottom, is considered to be the third line of Mars. This line is The ruler of is Mars.

Effect of Mars on the forehead

Mars is considered to be the planet of power, heat and activity. According to astrologer Sanjit Kumar Mishra, due to the presence of Mars on the forehead, it on one hand takes the person towards army chief and administrator and on the other hand, Mars also makes a courageous and skilled surgeon. On the other hand, Mars contributes a lot in making murderers, robbers and bandits, the relationship between iron and blood is very close, the skin color of the person affected by Mars is bloody, red color predominates in their eyes and hair also. The heads of people dominated by Mars are small and the mouth is long, the chin is protruding. People affected by Mars do not decorate their faces, then their faces look sad, but their hobbies are adventurous.

Fruit of Mars on the forehead

According to Samudrik Shastra, a person who has a smooth line of Mars on his forehead becomes a successful ruler in his lifetime, as well as an ambassador or a police officer or a famous public leader and gets a high status in the society.

(1) If the Mars line on the forehead is crooked, then such a person is anti-social, aggressive, deadly, angry, destructive and has the nature of ignorance and there will be lack of respect in the society.

(2) Mars line on your forehead should be very vague and it should be mixed with Jupiter line. The person moves from destruction to creation once in his life. Due to this line, it makes him a king or an ideal man. But the line of Mars is not complete. It should be clearly visible and located in an advanced part.

The line of your forehead tells how lucky you will be in your life.

(3) If a mole is visible in the middle of the line of Mars, then it is certain that the person is deprived of the happiness of children. If there is a child, it will be late.

(4) If there is a mole on the left side of the Mars line, then the person is shown to be quarrelsome, controversial, discordant and courageous in fighting.

(5) If there is a mole on the right side of the Mars line, it has auspicious effects. Such a person would be rich, successful, respected and prosperous.


Donating wheat, jaggery, copper, lentils, coral and red clothes on Tuesday will be beneficial.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Wear a coral gemstone in silver on the ring finger of the right hand.

Chant the mantra of Mars ‘Om Angarkaya Namah’

Astrologer Sanjeet Kumar Mishra
Astrology Vastu and Gemstone Expert

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