Football: In this village of Ranchi, the daughter of every house plays football.

game When in the field of hockey and Football When we talk about Jharkhand, the name of Jharkhand comes up not at the national but also at the international level. While the daughters here have proved their talent to the whole world in hockey, they have also left a mark of their talent in football. Due to this talent, he has got a place in the Indian team also. The craze of football is also continuously increasing. Similar football craze in Jharkhand Ranchi a village in the district Charihujir Is in. This is the only village in Jharkhand, where a daughter from every house plays football and has made her place in the Indian team from Jharkhand. Seeing the daughters here, the boys here have also started practicing football. The effort started ten years ago: 250 to 300 girl footballers are seen practicing in the morning and evening in the grounds of Charihujir village. It started 10 years ago in 2013. Football coach Anand Gop told that it started with 15 girls. During that time, whenever she came to the field for practice, the boys used to make fun of her. Some people of the village also had objections as to how girls would play football wearing half pants. After this I talked to the people of the village and explained to them about this game. It took me six months and then the people of the village agreed. Gradually the girls started coming to the field. After this, when four to five girls were selected in the Jharkhand football team. When she returned to the village after playing a national level competition, people started knowing about her and the village. After this, people of every house started sending their daughters to play football. Today 250 to 300 girls practice football here. After Anshu Kachhap and Neha Kumari became icons, the craze for football increased even more.

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