First plant of garlic product established in Bihar, garlic by-product will be ready in Harsiddhi, Champaran

Motihari. After Champaran’s Handi Mutton, people from India and abroad will taste Garlic Pickle. Now the by-product will be prepared by processing the garlic here. Apart from garlic pickle, Gota Garlic and Jijal Garlic Paste will be made for the kitchen in Harsiddhi. Vermicompost will be made from the residual material of extracting oil from garlic and its peel etc., which will be useful for farming. Garlic processing plant is being installed by Bapudham Garlic Farmer Producer Company in Manikpur, Harsiddhi with the cooperation of Horticulture Directorate.

Bihar’s first garlic plant

This is the first garlic plant of Bihar registered with the Horticulture Directorate of the government. Its special thing is that this company belongs to farmers. A group of one hundred farmers have set it up together. With the establishment of this plant, the local garlic product will get a bigger market. Besides, farmers will get all the benefits including processing and marketing of the product. Which will prove to be a boon for local farmers. The work of setting up the plant has started. The packing house along with shed construction for the plant is ready. The machine is also expected to be installed within the next one month. After this, the work of making the product will start in the plant.

Funding is available for 90 percent of the cost

The Horticulture Department is providing both technical and financial support to Bapudham Farmer Producer Company. Assistant Director Udyan Vikas Kumar said that 90 percent of the cost of garlic processing and by-product plant is payable as grant. The remaining ten percent amount has to be invested by the farmer company. From time to time, farmers will be given training in technical support to the Farmer Company.

200 tons of garlic is produced

About 200 tonnes of garlic is produced in the district. If we look at the figures of the Horticulture Department, Harsiddhi and its surrounding blocks are the hub of garlic production. In Harsiddhi alone, farmers cultivate garlic in five hundred acres. Apart from this, there is good production of garlic in the nearby blocks of Turkaulia, Areraj, Paharpur, Sugauli.

Main objective is to promote garlic farming: Chairman

Chairman of Bapudham Garlic Farmer Producer Company, Dinanath Prasad said that the garlic plant is being set up with the aim of promoting garlic farming in the interest of farmers. One hundred farmers are directly associated with this. The number of board members of the company is ten. There is a five member board of directors in the company. With the commissioning of this plant, garlic producing farmers will get a fair price for their produce. Due to which farmers will benefit.

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