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Fear of severe heat, problem of leakage in pipeline is a big headache

The work done so far to deal with the problem is inadequate, the administration will have to put more emphasis

Despite work costing crores of rupees for water supply in the city, water shortage has started appearing at many places with the onset of summer. This time the fear of severe heat is being expressed. The work done so far to deal with the problem of water supply is inadequate. The date for completion of such water supply scheme is June 30, 2024. Even after this, water is being supplied by the corporation at many places through tankers and from its own resources. People say that due to the lack of quality work done in the water supply scheme in recent times, problems are being faced at many places. Due to the problem of leakage in pipelines, people are facing difficulty in reaching water to their homes. The people of the city need 104 MLD water. According to Budco, currently 80 MLD water is being supplied. At present the underground layer has gone 45-50 feet. If there is any problem in water supply through Ganga Water Supply Scheme, then the problem will arise only after reaching 55-60 feet underground layer. Many types of arrangements have also been made by such corporations at the local level. Over head tanks have been built at many places.

Ganga water supply scheme has put brakes on the movement

Till last year, people used to go on agitation due to shortage of water at the time of water supply from pumping centres. By this time, news of road jams, arson etc. started coming from everywhere. After Ganga water reached people’s homes, this problem has reduced to a great extent. Now here comes the issue of pipe bursting, no connection and blockage of water supply. People said that Ganga water is being supplied without any interruption in the market areas. Apart from this, 800 hand pumps, 132 water pumps and 384 mini water supply centers installed by the corporation are proving helpful in solving the problems of the people.

what do engineers say

Budco’s assistant engineer Jyoti Prakash said that Ganga water is being supplied to the people of the city. At some places about four-five kilometers of work is left. In this there is more work of providing connection. 80 MLD water is being supplied to the people of the city through pipelines. In view of the heat, work is being done to further improve the system. There will be no problem of any kind in the coming days.

What does the Municipal Commissioner say?

In such a situation, it is the job of BUDCO to look after the water supply scheme. Even after this, due to problems in the corporate sector, an eye has been kept on. An agenda will be prepared and a meeting will be held on April 9. The corporation itself has to face the problem of shortage of drinking water in summer. Singrasthan is not able to fill the over tank. Necessary instructions have been given for this. After filling the tank, the drinking water crisis in Ward 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, etc. will be resolved. BUDCO or its agency is being given help from the corporation at every level. Now BUDCO will have to ensure that there is no water crisis at any place during summer. The agenda will be handed over to him in the meeting on April 9. After this, this review meeting will be held every week. The Municipal Corporation, on its part, has also made complete preparations to deal with any kind of crisis.


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