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Exclusive: Being Poonam Dhillon’s daughter is not a pressure but a responsibility – Paloma Dhillon

Actress Poonam Dhillon’s daughter Paloma Dhillon is going to make her debut in the industry with Rajshri banner’s film ‘Boh’ released today. On debuting with a production like Rajshri, she says that I and my parents are proud of this. After this beginning, I just want to stay in the industry and work. Conversation with Urmila Kori

How did you get the film ‘Dono’?

This became possible only through audition. It was a long process. Director Avneesh has had this script for a long time and was certain about who he wanted to cast for the characters in the film. He took his time with casting. After 7 months of my audition, I got the final call for ‘Both’.

How would you describe your equations with Rajveer and director Avneesh?

This is our first film. Both of us have created a beautiful friendship with this film. Rajveer always maintained an atmosphere of happiness and laughter on the set. Avneesh is a director with whom the experience has been very good, after the first shot he sent me a message thanking me.

This film is about modern love and relationships, what is your opinion about marriage?

There is nothing right or wrong. Some people want to spend their life together forever in marriage and some want to live alone. The decision is personal.

Both your parents are from the industry. Did you know since childhood that you wanted to do acting?

no way. I never thought of acting in my childhood. I was more inclined towards sports. I have played football and handball at the national level.

So when did the shift from sports to acting happen?

When I was doing BMM in college, I did a play and I felt a lot of satisfaction after doing it, which I get while playing sports. This was the time when I thought of acting.

When you told your parents about your decision to act, what was their reaction? ,

When I told my parents that I wanted to pursue acting, they warned me early on that acting was not easy, but once they were convinced that I wanted to pursue acting, they encouraged me to pursue it. They have supported me in the past also in all my hobbies, be it my sports or painting.

How much is the pressure of being Poonam Dhillon’s daughter?

It is not a pressure but a responsibility because you come from a legacy, you would like to give your best. After all, you want to make your mark through your work. I hope that I too get as much love as my mother has received from the audience.

If you get a chance to work in any of your mother’s films, which film and character would it be?

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. I am still amazed by my mother’s beauty and personality. I don’t think I can touch any of his films. He has done many memorable films. I don’t want to involve myself unnecessarily in that, because I am his daughter.

What is one piece of advice from your mother that you will keep with you?

She made her acting debut when she was 15 years old and had a very good career. He just told me to do what you like and give your best, be happy. I would like to tell you that I talk to my parents less about the industry. Our talks are mostly about everyday life.

It is generally said that actors do not have personal lives, are you ready for this change?

I have accepted this change in a way because I know that now your personal life will not be respected as before. These are things that you know are there in this profession. I just want to stay in the industry and work.

Your name is quite different, what does your name mean?

Paloma is a Spanish word meaning white dove which is a symbol of peace and freedom. My parents have kept this name.

Do you have a three-film deal with Rajshri?

I will not be able to talk about this right now.


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