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Enrollment in professional courses is done online, examination form is filled offline.

Praveen Kumar Chaudhary, Darbhanga. The enrollment process of students in professional courses B.Ed, M.Ed, MBA, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, LLB etc. of Mithila University is done through online medium, but their examination form is filled offline only. Whereas the entire system for filling application, registration and examination forms for enrollment in UG and PG level traditional courses is online. Online system was started in the university in the year 2016. In the subjects of general courses, this was implemented from enrollment till filling the examination form. Whereas this system was adopted only till enrollment in the subjects of professional courses. It has been more than eight years since the university adopted the online system. Even after so many days, the university is not able to take a decision regarding the examination forms for the subjects of professional courses not being filled online. About 10 thousand students of various professional courses run under the university are being affected by this every year. Students have to face problems. According to the students, due to non-resumption of online examination form filling system, they have to become victims of financial exploitation. Due to the internal examination marks being based on the wishes of the concerned institution, they are unable to protest despite being victims of financial exploitation due to the fear of their career being spoiled. They and their parents have to bear the brunt of this. Jugaad technology works with connivance. Due to the provision of offline examination form, even those students who do not qualify are successful in filling the examination form. With the connivance of the concerned organization, they are successful in taking benefits on the basis of Jugaad technology. On a superficial level, the brunt of this has to be borne more by those students who complete the qualification by doing classes every day and filling examination forms, yet they have to become victims of institutional economic exploitation. Even if a student who is a victim of exploitation ever makes a verbal complaint in the university, no action is taken, on the contrary, they have to face problems. With the help of available staff and resources, the university is trying to keep pace with the demands of the times. From the next session, efforts will be made to adopt the process of biometric attendance of students and filling online examination forms in professional courses. This proposal will be implemented based on the decision of the concerned body. Pro. Vinod Kumar Ojha, Controller of Examinations


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