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Energy audit is being done to detect power loss in Bihar, loss will be assessed at every level of distribution

In Bihar, more than a quarter i.e. 27 per cent of the electricity supplied to the consumers is wasted. Means electricity supply companies pay 100% of the electricity purchased from discoms, but only 73% of its revenue is collected. The rest is lost from the transmission to the grid, passing through substations and distribution transformers and reaching the customers’ homes. This happens due to transmission loss, power theft and non-payment and collection. In view of this, the discoms have decided to take the services of an expert private agency to assess the exact loss.

Damage will be assessed at every level

Discoms have decided that now annual assessment of losses at every level will be done. For this, the audit will be done according to the standards of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an agency of the Government of India and the format of the Energy Audit Regulation 2021. It will be seen that how much electricity came out from the transmission and reached the 33KV/11KV feeder. How much energy flow took place between 33 KV to 11 KV power substation. When the electricity came out from 11 KV feeders, how much damage was done in reaching the distribution transformer and the consumer. In this regard, the data collected earlier will also be verified.

The criteria to check distribution loss will be different

Discoms have prepared separate criteria to check the loss from distribution i.e. from feeder to customer level. For this, circle-wise, category-wise consumers, billed and unbilled consumers, metered and unmetered consumers, energy cost and tariff-wise loss figures will be analysed. The consumption pattern will be monitored. The auditing agency will have to identify the high loss areas along with the reasons for the loss, so that corrective action can be taken in future based on the same. For this the data of circle wise average billing rate and collection rate will also be seen. After getting the work, the agency will have to complete the audit process within a month and submit the report to the discom.


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