Electricity was supplied by load shedding for 27 hours from Raj Bhavan substation.

Ranchi. There was a fault in the high voltage underground cable connecting Kanke to the 33 KVA Raj Bhavan substation of the capital at around 12 noon on Monday. It took 27 hours for JBVNL to fix it. The supply became normal around 3:00 pm on Tuesday. During this period, a population of 15 to 20 thousand got electricity intermittently. Electricity was supplied through load shedding in the area. People also faced drinking water crisis due to power failure. However, the fault was detected by patrolling on Monday evening itself.

People of these areas remained worried

People of Upper Bazaar, New Madhukam, Lime Kiln, Kumhar Toli, Khadgarha Vegetable Market, Mahua Toli, Jaiprakash Nagar, Murga Maidan, Shivpuri, Aryapuri, Ratu Road, Kanke Road and Sukhdevnagar faced power crisis. 33 KV Raj Bhavan PSS provides electricity to 11 KV Upper Bazaar, Circuit House, Gandhinagar, Ratu Road, New Madhukam, Pahari Feeder, Upper Bazaar, Raj Bhawan, CM House and VIP feeder. During investigation, the kit was found burnt in a large part of the aerial bunch cable behind New Police Line.

Got the benefit of being connected to Hatia grid

Raj Bhawan substation is interconnected with both the Kanke and Hatiya grids. After the power outage from Kanke, some areas got the benefit of being connected to the Hatiya grid and makeshift electricity was provided one by one by load shedding. From here there is supply from 11 KVA Raj Bhavan, 11 KVA CM House and 11 KV VIP feeder. Demand was increasing due to heat. Here there was a danger of the grid tripping if the load exceeded 240 amps.

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