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Election cycle: Minority representation is zero in Madhya Pradesh.

Lok Sabha Election 2024Dr. Sudhir Saxena: The population of Indore, the industrial capital and major city of Madhya Pradesh, is mixed, but the number of Parsi community there can be counted on fingers. In such a situation, who would believe that more than 40 years ago, in the elections of 1962, Parsi-born Homi Daji had won the Lok Sabha election from Indore.

Homi Daji, a lawyer with a gold medal, was a labor leader.

Homi Daji was a labor leader. Advocacy certificate with gold medal. Father was a cotton selector in a textile mill. Lived in Snehlataganj. Homi was a powerful speaker. Leader of the workers. Indore city elected him as MLA in 1957. He was the leader of CPI. Fought the election as an independent Sher Chhap. Defeated Ram Singh Bhai of Congress.

Homi Daji became MLA by winning with record votes in 1972

This was a national incident. The top leadership of the country appreciated him. The then Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru sent him as India’s representative to the World Peace Conference held in Colombo. Homi became MLA by winning the 1972 assembly elections with a record number of votes. Even today the older generation remembers Daaji with respect, but this tradition has now broken.

Parties are also avoiding giving Muslim candidates

Political parties, let alone Parsis, are avoiding fielding even Muslim candidates in parliamentary elections. In polarized Madhya Pradesh, both the major national parties have not fielded any Muslim candidate since 2008.

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Muslim population in Madhya Pradesh is 6.6 percent

The population of Muslims in Madhya Pradesh, which has a population of about 7.5 crores, is about 6.6 percent. The Christian, Buddhist and Sikh population is in decimal and all three communities together constitute about one percent.

Congress party deviated from the path after Rajiv Gandhi

In this unprecedented and charged era of circular division on communal lines, the pages of the past flutter in the name of minority representation, otherwise former Union Minister and hockey star Aslam Sher Khan even says that as long as Rajiv Gandhi was alive, Congress She followed the secular path, but after her departure, Congress also deviated from this path.

Aslam’s statement was- Muslims need equality, not Babri.

Aslam, who was the Union Minister during the tenure of PV Narasimha Rao as the Prime Minister, had become very popular with his statement ‘Muslims do not want Babri, they want equality’.

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Aslam Sher Khan elected MP from Betul 4 times

His pairing with tribal leader Dilip Singh Bhuria in Parliament was in the news. The population of Muslims in Betul, situated in the Satpura valley, is sparse and does not create any decisive equation, but Aslam contested four elections from Betul. He was the Congress candidate in 1985, 1989, 1991 and 1996.

Betul elected minority candidates of Congress again and again

Betul can be classified in a separate section among the parliamentary constituencies of Madhya Pradesh on the basis that Betul has repeatedly elected minority candidates of Congress and sent them to Parliament. In 1981, Betul elected Gufrane Azam as its MP. And if we go to the earlier period, NKP Salve registered Vijayashree as a Congress candidate from here in the Lok Sabha elections of 1967 and 71. Salve was from Nagpur and Christian, but Betul’s generosity gave him the groom twice.

Gulsher Ahmed and Aziz Qureshi were also MPs from Madhya Pradesh.

Satna is another parliamentary constituency in Madhya Pradesh. Satna situated in Baghelkhand is also known for its liberal democratic character. It elected Gulsher Ahmed and Aziz Qureshi and sent them to Parliament. Later both of them were the Governors of Himachal and Uttar Pradesh respectively.

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Sardar Sartaj Singh becomes the only Sikh MP from Hoshangabad

Talking about Sikhs, Sardar Sartaj Singh is the only Sikh who reached Parliament after winning from Hoshangabad and became a minister. After Salve’s election, the zero representation of Christians was broken when in the 90s, Congress sent Ms. Mabel Rebelo from Bhopal to the Rajya Sabha.

Bhopal’s past has been rich in minority representation

Bhopal’s past has been somewhat prosperous in terms of minority representation. In the elections of 1957 and 62, Congress gave ticket to Maimuna Sultan from here and she was elected. Arif Beg won the historic elections of 1977 as a public candidate.

…and Bhopal turned saffron, Digvijay Singh lost by a huge margin

After this, this tradition was broken and within a few years, Bhopal became so saffron in color that a leader like Digvijay Singh lost to Sadhvi Pragya by a huge margin of votes. Congress placed its bet on Mansoor Ali Khan (Nawab Pataudi) and Sajid Ali from here, but things did not work out. Now there is not even a faint voice for making any minority a candidate from here.

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Colonel Dhillon of Azad Hind Fauj also contested elections from Guna-Shivpuri.

An interesting anecdote is also associated with this whole story that Colonel Dhillon of Azad Hind Fauj fame tried his luck in the year 1977 from the much-discussed Guna-Shivpuri seat of Central India. He gave a tough challenge to young Madhavrao Scindia, but lost by about 77 thousand votes.

Colonel Dhillon settled in Shivpuri on the request of a Shivpuri businessman.

It is said that Colonel Dhillon once met Ghasiram Jainchandra Kavi, father of Shivpuri’s big businessman Sheetal Prakash Jain, in the train and on his request, he came and settled in the outskirts of Shivpuri.

Shortage of tickets for minorities of Madhya Pradesh for one and a half decade

According to journalist Pramod Bhargava, Muslim Jagirdar Hafiz Nisar had provided him about hundred bighas of land at the token price of one rupee per bigha. The farm house owned by his son is still in Shivpuri. Similarly, KPS Gill’s farm house is also in Shivpuri. However, there is a shortage of tickets for the minorities of Madhya Pradesh for one and a half decade.

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Neither BJP nor Congress is concerned with the claims of Muslims.

Aslam Mian had last contested the elections from Sagar in 2008 and lost. As far as the question of candidature is concerned, BJP has nothing to do with it and Congress is also rejecting their applications. As a result, minority representation has become zero.

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