Don’t underestimate Digvijay Singh in Rajgarh.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Dr. Sudhir Saxena: Born in the royal family of Raghogarh, Digvijay Singh has a unique combination of some qualities in his personality. Being royal, he has more characteristics of a Yuyutsu warrior than a Darpa. He does not believe in defeat and fights continuously. He is also continuously active against EVM. The same Digvijay Singh is now contesting for entry into the Lok Sabha.

Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh was fielded as per strategy

Please note that he is a Rajya Sabha member, but as a strategy, Congress has fielded him for the Lok Sabha elections. Rumors of his possible candidacy continued to circulate for about a fortnight. Once the names were finalized, he was face to face with the journalists.

Digvijay said- I am ready to contest elections against PM Modi also

He said, I am ready to contest elections against Prime Minister Narendra Modi also. But the party has asked me to contest elections from Rajgarh, so I will contest from here. So Digvijay Singh is in the election battle of Rajgarh. This is the same battlefield from where he first reached the Lok Sabha in 1984. Then he was a Congress candidate.

In 1989, Pyarelal Khandelwal of BJP had defeated

In the elections of 1989, he lost to Pyarelal Khandelwal of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but he again won in 1991. Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency is favorable and fortunate for the Raghogarh royal family in that it has been fruitful for it again and again. His younger brother Laxman Singh won from here five times. Four times as a Congress candidate and once as a senior BJP candidate.

BJP’s Rodmal Nagar is winning from two elections.

Leaving aside the victory of Congress’ Narayan Singh Amlave in 2009, BJP’s Rodmal Nagar has won from here in the last two elections and now once again he is the BJP candidate.

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This time the crowd crossed 400 and dissatisfaction was bubbling among the voices.

This time, BJP has given ticket to MP Rodmal Nagar amidst Tumul Ghosh crossing 400, but dissatisfaction is simmering in the cauldron of the party. This time Gyan Singh was a strong contender for the Gurjar ticket, but the BJP leadership again expressed confidence in Nagar.

Rodmal Nagar is lighter than Diggi Raja in terms of personality

In terms of personality, Rodmal Nagar pales in comparison to Diggi Raja. His aura is also ineffective. BJP knows very well that Diggi Raja is a warrior of the vanguard squad of Congress and even at the ripe age of 77, he is determined to turn the tables.

Digvijay is trying to get 400 nominations, so that voting can be done through ballot paper.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, contesting from Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat of Madhya Pradesh, has once again raised the issue of EVMs. He said during a street meeting in Kachnaria village of Agar Malwa that he was making efforts to get 400 people to file nominations so that the voting could be done through ballot paper.

  • There can be 384 candidates per EVM including NOTA per constituency.
  • A total of 16 candidates including NOTA can come in 01 ballot unit.
  • 24 such units can be connected simultaneously to the control unit

Diggi Raja is preparing for elections through ballot paper.

During this, people also raised slogans about ballot paper in front of him, in response to which he said that there is only one way for elections through ballot paper. He said that only if 400 candidates fill the nomination forms, elections can be conducted through ballot paper. He further said that I am preparing for this.

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Eight-day ‘Promise Fulfillment Yatra’ was carried out

Digvijay Singh was speaking on the first day of his eight-day ‘Wada Nibhao Yatra’ march. Singh has opposed the use of EVMs for elections. Meanwhile, in the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh, a BJP leader from Durg wrote a letter to the Election Commission demanding action against former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for speaking about the move to disrupt EVMs.

Election Commission will be forced to conduct elections through ballot paper.

Baghel is the Congress candidate from Rajnandgaon. In the letter, the BJP leader accused Baghel of telling party workers that if more than 384 candidates contest from one seat, the Election Commission will be forced to conduct the elections through ballot paper.

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