Did Rahul Gandhi reject Kejriwal’s support petition on the ordinance?

Rahul Gandhi At a meeting of opposition parties in Patna on Friday, Arvind Kejriwal rejected Arvind Kejriwal’s rousing appeal for support on the central government’s Delhi ordinance and said pressuring the Congress to publicly commit to going with the AAP was an act of “mischief”. Kind of. Sources in AAP also said that Congress leaders do not agree with this. AAP sources also said that the Congress leader rejected Kejriwal’s plea to bury the animosity and make a fresh start by discussing and agreeing on the ordinance on the sidelines of the Patna meeting.

We have a process for making such decisions.

Rahul Gandhi did not budge even when the Chief Minister of West Bengal suggested the two to resolve the issue “over a cup of tea”. Rahul is said to have replied, “We have a process to take such decisions.” According to AAP sources, after Kejriwal publicly announced that he would pressurize the party to end the suspense over what stand it would take in the Rajya Sabha on the ordinance, the Congress arrived at the meeting prepared to oppose the Delhi CM. Went. , Its stand became clear when the Chief Minister of Delhi made an emotional appeal for the support of the Congress, saying that the BJP’s success in getting the ordinance passed in the Rajya Sabha could spell the end of federalism and democracy.

Kharge narrated the statements of his spokespersons to Kejriwal

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge responded to Kejriwal by reading out a compilation of anti-Congress statements of AAP office-bearers. Kejriwal tried to downplay the issue by saying that the AAP functionaries mentioned by the Congress chief were petty party functionaries. The Delhi chief minister also said that senior Congress leaders have said more provocative things about AAP, but the time has come for the parties to move beyond rivalry and join hands in view of the threat of BJP authoritarianism.

Kharge replied to Kejriwal

Like Rahul, Kharge also expressed surprise at the AAP’s insistence that the Congress declare its stand directly. Sources said the Congress chief said such issues have always been discussed in the meetings held during the Parliament session and the AAP, which has been participating in strategy meetings, is well aware of this.

AAP’s statement after the Patna meeting

On Friday, after not attending the post-meeting press conference in Patna, the AAP had issued a statement saying that “unless the Congress publicly condemns the ordinance and announces that all its 31 Rajya Sabha MPs will Will oppose the ordinance, till then she will do so.” It will be difficult for AAP to participate in future meetings of like-minded parties where the Congress will be a partner.” However, AAP sources said Kejriwal sought to sort things out and bury the past and bridge the trust deficit on both sides. Tried to plead for a ceasefire to call a meeting over a cup of tea to move forward.

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