Dhanbad: Two medical teams will be deployed overnight on Rahul Gandhi’s arrival in Tundi.

Dhanbad: The Health Department has formed a special medical team for the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra. Rahul Gandhi will rest in Tundi on Saturday night. During this period, two medical teams of five members each will be present in Tundi throughout the night. A separate team of doctors has been formed to participate in Rahul Gandhi’s carcade. The cardiac ambulance that came from Ranchi will be present along with the doctor to attend his carcade. At the local level also, three doctors from the medical college will be present in 108 ambulances.

Testing will be done before serving food and water

The Health Department has appointed three doctors, Food Safety Officer Shweta Lakra, Dr. Vikas Rana and Dr. Sanjay Rai, to test the food and water served to Rahul Gandhi. The three doctors will test Rahul Gandhi’s food and water before serving it. Only after this they will be given food and water.

District hospitals in alert mode

Sadar Hospital, Dwarika Das Jalan and Asrafi Hospital have been kept in alert mode regarding the arrival of Rahul Gandhi. One cabin each has been reserved in these three hospitals. The health department can use them in any emergency. Instructions have been given to install high level medical equipment in the reserve cabins in all three hospitals.

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