Dhanbad: Theft worth thousands in Bhooli’s hardware shop, photo captured in CCTV

Goods worth Rs 60,000 and cash worth Rs 3,000 were stolen from Shree Suraj Hardware located at Bhooli D Block Shakti Market Road late on Monday night. Shop owner Pankaj Kumar Dangi told that after closing the shop on Monday, he had gone to his relative’s place in Hazaribagh. When he opened his shop at nine o’clock on Tuesday morning, he saw that the asbestos sheet of his shop had been uprooted. Brass taps, clamshell taps, paint and many hardware items were missing. Their price is around 60 thousand rupees. Besides, three thousand rupees were also missing from Galla. The thief had covered the two CCTV cameras installed in the shop with plastic, but during this his picture was captured in the camera. After receiving the information, Bhooli police arrived and investigated. The victim said that even before this, after three years of his Shop It has been stolen.

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