Dhanbad: Security forces will be deployed on buildings during Rahul Gandhi’s Nyaya Yatra

The police has prepared the road map of Nyaya Yatra. All the tall buildings, shopping complexes and houses on both sides of the road leading from Govindpur to Bank Mod are being listed. The day Rahul Gandhi’s yatra passes through this route, police personnel will be deployed at all the buildings. The streets and market roads connecting to the main road will be barricaded. Police personnel will be deployed at every nook and corner. The entire route will be closed about two hours before Rahul Gandhi’s arrival.

Special security arrangements during road show: Special security arrangements will be made during Rahul Gandhi’s road show. A road show on foot is proposed from Shramik Chowk to Bank Mod JP Chowk. A public meeting is to be held at Bank Mod. During this period the road will be completely blocked.

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