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Dhanbad: Railway employees will vote today and tomorrow on the question of strike, know the whole matter

Dhanbad: East Central Railway Employees Union is preparing for a future railway strike demanding restoration of old pension. On 21st and 22nd November, strike ballot will be used to know the views of railway workers. Along with Indian Railways, 14 branch campaign of ICRKU will be run in Dhanbad Railway Division. During this time, railway employees are being made to vote in favor of the strike.

Movement taking place on 21st of every month: A joint forum has been formed under the leadership of All India Railway Men’s Federation, which is agitating at the national level for the restoration of old pension by abolishing the new pension system. Till now, on the 21st of every month, protests have been held at the national level demanding the abolition of the new pension scheme and giving old pension benefits to all. On August 10, lakhs of railway employees and other central and state employees, teacher unions, civil servants of the Defense Ministry, etc., gathered at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi and demonstrated their strength in front of the Central Government for the restoration of old pensions.

Railway workers are busy preparing

Regarding the strike ballot for the rail strike, ICRKU President DK Pandey, Additional General Secretary Mo Zyuddin, Assistant General Secretary Omprakash, Central Treasurer cum Zonal Secretary of AIRF OP Sharma at the central level and Netaji Subhash, BK Dubey, Somen Dutta, NK Khawas at the branch level. With active involvement Engaged in preparations.

Only the one who talks about the welfare of employees will get votes.

Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary of All India Railway Men’s Federation, has called in the light of the upcoming parliamentary elections that railway workers will vote for only that national party which will fulfill the promise of taking concrete steps to restore the old pension. He has given the slogan that only the one who restores the old pension will rule the country.


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