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Dhanbad: People beat up driver and passenger of Hiva carrying coal.

Dhanbad: Regarding the death of student Arnav Kumar in a road accident in Singh Nagar, Jharia, his father, transporter Dilip Singh, lodged a written complaint at Jharia police station at around 12 o’clock on Saturday night. Police have registered an FIR against the truck driver and owner. Truck and Hiva owners also reached Jharia police station on Sunday in protest against the vandalism of vehicles by the angry mob during the road jam. These people demanded action against the vandals. Meanwhile, on Sunday, a coal load tried to go through Haiwa Singh Nagar. The local people got angry after seeing him. People caught the driver and the helper and beat them up. The driver somehow escaped and drove away the vehicle. After Saturday’s incident, there was silence on Singh Nagar Road on Sunday. Many vehicles which were damaged by the mob were taken away by their drivers in the dark of night. Let us tell you that on Saturday, a truck had hit a minor student Arnav in Singh Nagar on Kendua main road. He died on the spot. After the incident, angry people beat up the police and many drivers. During the incident, angry people vandalized more than 100 vehicles. Jharia police is patrolling the area after the incident.

Transportation from Bastakola, Rajapur and Dobari stopped

Transporters are looking forward to operating highways through Singh Nagar route. However, anger was seen among the people even on the second day of the death of student Arnav. This is the reason why people beat up the driver and the attendant when they tried to take a coal-laden truck through this route. After the incident, the transportation work on the route is still closed. Transportation through Bastakola, Rajapur and Dobari is also at a standstill. At the same time, loaded highways from Aina and Dhansar are also not passing through this route. Highways going from Aina and Dhansar to Sindri, MPL and RTPS are going via Borragarh. More than two dozen empty and loaded highways are standing in Rajapur Colliery. Dispatch here is closed after Saturday’s incident. BCCL is said to be suffering a loss of lakhs of rupees due to this.

People in the crowd accused of stealing diesel and batteries

On Sunday, truck and highway owners reached Jharia police station and demanded the police to take action against those vandalizing the vehicles. Highway owner Prashant Kumar Singh filed a complaint naming five people as accused. It is said that he was going from his home in Borragarh to the office at Katras Mor by bike. 20 people surrounded Omprakash Modi near his house in Singh Nagar. They pulled him from the bike saying that he was the owner of the vehicle. The angry people started abusing and fighting. People started breaking the glass of his car and breaking the tank to extract diesel. 12 Hiva batteries were also stolen. Prashant says that the accused include Rajesh Paswan of Bhuli New Quarter, Kapil Ram, Kundan Singh, Mallu Sav and Suraj of Singh Nagar Gulgulia Basti and others. The highway and truck owners who came to meet the Jharia police station in-charge included Prashant Kumar Singh, Arun Singh, Pawan Singh, Anil Singh, Sunil Singh, Ankur Aggarwal, Ramesh Verma, Kaliram Aggarwal, Rituraj Singh and many others.

The family took Arnav’s body to Aams of Aurangabad.

After post-mortem, Arnav’s body was brought to Bhuli New Quarter on Sunday. The atmosphere became sad as soon as the dead body arrived. The family members started screaming and hugging the dead body. The eyes of everyone present there filled with tears. Only one thing was coming out from people’s lips that this innocent child had not even learned to live properly. Arnav’s body remained in the ambulance here for seven minutes. The family members have gone to their native village Amas in Aurangabad district of Bihar for the last rites.


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