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Dhanbad: Crime being conducted from jail will be curbed, said DC Varun Ranjan in BollywoodWallah Samvad.

Dhanbad Deputy Commissioner Varun Ranjan said that there is no need for any businessman or common man to be afraid in Dhanbad. Many schemes have been made by the district administration and police for crime control. Large scale action is being taken against criminals. Criminals who commit crimes from jail will be controlled. The police have been asked to strengthen their intelligence system. The Deputy Commissioner, who reached the dialogue program organized at BollywoodWallah office on Monday, spoke openly on various subjects. Presenting the questions asked in the dialogue and their answers.

The businessmen of Dhanbad are scared. Due to continuous threats, people are talking about migration. What steps are being taken to strengthen law and order?

The police team is continuously taking action. FIRs are being filed. Many criminals have also been arrested in connection with threats. Have also gone to jail. The police have been asked to present their case strongly in the court through the government lawyer, so that such criminals do not get bail early. May they be punished. Preparations are underway to control the crime being conducted from the jail. The damaged CCTV cameras in the city have been asked to be repaired, so that the police can get solid evidence in crime incidents. Its result will be seen in the coming time. The police have also been asked to strengthen their intelligence system.

In the monthly meeting of the Mining Task Force, there are talks about stopping coal theft, but it is not being stopped. Everyone blames each other and walks away. What action is being taken?

It’s not like that. First of all, it is the first responsibility of the coal companies to stop coal theft in the mining lease hold area. The decisions taken in the Mining Task Force meeting are implemented. Various coal companies including BCCL, ICL have been asked to install CCTV cameras. It is also installed at many places. It has been asked to use drone cameras. Coal companies also have CISF. CISF has been asked to patrol at regular intervals. Named FIRs have been asked to be lodged in coal theft cases. Whatever legal help is required will be provided by the district administration. If illegal mining or trading of coal takes place on any government land, then action will be taken against the revenue personnel there, because it is the responsibility of the revenue personnel to stop mining on government land. Similarly, if illegal trade of coal takes place on any ryot’s land, an FIR will be registered against the ryot. The police will present its case strongly in the court to get those arrested for coal theft punished and their bail rejected.

What action is the district administration taking to stop illegal transportation of coal?

Many steps are being taken to stop illegal transportation of coal. All outsourcing companies have been asked to create one entry and one exit point. No vehicle has been asked to enter the company without entry. A surprise check will be conducted. If any vehicle is found without entry, legal action will be taken against the concerned outsourcing company. Also, all the companies have been asked to use drone cameras regularly to prevent coal theft.

Jharia Rehabilitation Scheme is an ambitious scheme of the country. What problems are being faced in its implementation, especially in rehabilitating the displaced people?

Rehabilitation of displaced people under Jharia Rehabilitation Scheme is a big challenge. Under this, JRDA is responsible for housing construction, while BCCL is responsible for shifting the displaced people. If any law and order problem arises during shifting, then it is the responsibility of the district administration to cooperate in it. A big challenge in shifting is the cut off date. Now shifting has to be done as per the survey of year 2004. BCCL has been asked to inform if there is any problem in shifting. The allotment of those who do not shift will be cancelled.

Brainstorming on drainage by building a sump house

The district administration is serious about water logging near Ranibandh. There, RCC is being built by RCD on the main road. The weather has been continuously bad for the last 15 days, hence the work is getting disrupted. Four options are being discussed there. First the water should be released into Rani Dam. Local people are opposing this. Secondly, a drain should be made from there and connected to the bigger drain. In this, the drain will have to be taken from the raiyat land, which the raiyats are opposing. Third, there is a plan to make a drain from there and join it with the drain near Sinfar Gate. There is a technical problem in this. The fourth option is to drain the water by building a sump house there. A proposal to drain the water by building a big sump house is being discussed there. There is no state government land for this. Talks are being held with IIT ISM management regarding the land. At present, water is being drained by the Municipal Corporation by installing three pumps. But continuous rain is causing problems. If the weather remains fine for two-three days, there will be relief from the current crisis.


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