Dhanbad: Children are being asked for alms at the station, the woman in RPF custody is being interrogated.

Dhanbad: Children are being asked to beg at stations. Even small girls are being involved in this. A woman who got children to do similar work has been caught by RPF. The woman contacted the outreach worker here, claiming to be the aunt of the girl who was rescued from Chhattisgarh and brought to Dhanbad by CWC two days ago. She had come to platform number seven of Dhanbad station to pick up the girl, when the RPF team caught her. He is under interrogation.

The girl was handed over to her family two days ago

Two days ago, the CWC had handed over the girl recovered from Chhattisgarh to her family members resident of Pandarpala. After completing the procedure, her mother took the girl with herself. Meanwhile, the woman named Phukni Devi contacted the outreach worker and claimed the girl as her own. She said that the girl was abandoned by her mother. The girl lived with him in Dhanbad station. Phukni Devi is pregnant. His two children live in Agra and two in Banaras. Everyone begs in trains.

the child’s mother will be called

Phukni Devi has claimed that she is his aunt. The girl lived with him. To verify this, RPF and CWC are contacting the mother of the girl, resident of Pandarpala. It is being told that Phukni Devi also used to give drugs to the girl.

Medical examination of the girl recovered from Dhanbad station completed

Meanwhile, the process of medical examination of the girl resident of Sonbhadra, who was recovered from the Dhanbad station premises on December 8, was completed by the Railway Police on Tuesday. A woman also used to ask the said girl for alms at Dhanbad station. After this, she was sent to Barwadda and raped. Railway Police is also investigating this. However, the woman who wronged him has not been found yet.

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