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Dhanbad: Businessmen troubled by holding cash, Chamber issued card and sticker

The great festival of democracy has started. Election code of conduct has been implemented. Dhanbad Lok Sabha elections are on 25th May. Therefore, intensive investigation has started at checkposts and intersections. The business class is very upset due to huge amount of cash being seized every day during checking at check posts and intersections.

Administration should not hold cash of businessmen, Chamber made alternative arrangements

The Market Committee Chamber held an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue of cash seizure. An alternative arrangement has been prepared for the case of businessmen’s cash being seized. I-cards with photographs have been made for all the businessmen of the Market Committee Chamber. Apart from this, a sticker of the chamber was also issued for putting on four wheeler and two wheeler vehicles.

Businessmen are facing problems during checking

Market Committee Chamber President Jitendra Aggarwal said that business worth lakhs is done every day in the market committee. Business is conducted in the market committee till 9 pm. Businessmen have cash. On the second day, businessmen deposit cash in the bank. Cash is being caught while checking on the way home after closing the shop. Businessmen are taking a lot of time in paperwork. Therefore, the Chamber has issued ID cards and vehicle stickers for all businessmen. It also has the signatures of the Chamber President and Secretary.

  • Decision taken to meet the administration in the emergency meeting of the Market Committee Chamber
  • The Chamber will meet the administration on Friday and urge them not to harass the market committee businessmen who show their ID cards.
  • Election work will be done in warehouses and shops till June 6.
  • Market committee shopkeepers stopped ordering goods
  • Chamber requested the administration to take warehouse and shop after Eid and Ram Navami.

Businessmen showing ID cards should not be harassed

The Chamber will request the administration that the businessmen of the Market Committee should not be harassed if they show their ID cards. In this regard, the Chamber’s delegation will meet the Dhanbad District Administration official on Friday. Will urge businessmen not to be harassed for showing their ID cards.

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Here, notice to vacate 7 warehouses and 18 shops

Regarding the Lok Sabha elections, the district administration has issued a notice to vacate 7 warehouses and 18 shops of the market committee within 3 days. The market committee premises have also been acquired till June 6. Here, the businessmen who have been given notice by the market committee have stopped procuring goods from outside markets.

Chamber of Commerce held emergency meeting after receiving notice

After the notice from the administration, the Market Committee Chamber of Commerce held an emergency meeting on Wednesday. The Chamber’s delegation will meet the administration on Friday. After Eid and Ram Navami, he will request to use warehouses and shops for election work. Market Committee Chamber President Jitendra Aggarwal said that an order has been issued to vacate warehouses and shops, but alternative arrangements have not been given.

Businessmen stopped ordering goods from the market

Therefore, the businessmen who have been given notice have stopped purchasing goods from the mandis. Market committee premises are also being acquired. Our business will be completely affected by this. The administration has been requested to allow alternative route and permission to keep the luggage at Mega Sports Complex, Nawadih, but till now it has not been considered.

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Chamber delegation will meet the administration

On Friday, the Chamber’s delegation will meet the district administration and urge them to consider both the demands. Chamber Secretary Gaurav Garg, Treasurer Deepak Katsaria, Raj Kumar Aggarwal, Senior Vice President Surendra Jindal, Jaswinder Singh, Vinod Singhal, Sanjay Aggarwal, Krishna Kadamiya, Neeraj Aggarwal, Suraj Yadav, Pradeep Satnalika and many businessmen were present in the meeting.


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