Deva, the mastermind of chain snatching absconding from RIMS, Ranchi, arrested along with his wife.

Ranchi: Mo Saqib alias Deva, the mastermind of chain snatching from Dugdugi village of Pundag OP area, was arrested by Pundag OP in-charge Vivek Kumar and handed him over to Argora police. His wife, who supported him in his escape, has also been arrested. During treatment at RIMS, he escaped by dodging the policemen engaged in his security. He was living in Pundag by hiding his identity. He had told the landlord his wrong address. Said that he was ill and had come to Ranchi for treatment. Due to his broken legs, the landlord agreed to his request and gave him a house on rent. It is noteworthy that his treatment was going on in the ortho ward. On Sunday afternoon, in the name of getting an X-ray done, his wife and one of her colleagues left RIMS carrying him in their arms.

It is known that Argora police had arrested him on 24th November. Before his arrest, he was running away by dodging the police. At that very moment he fell and his leg was fractured. The police admitted him to the Ortho ward of RIMS for treatment. The FIR for absconding from RIMS was lodged in Bariatu police station, hence from Argora police station he was sent to Bariatu police station.

Deva, accused in more than 30 cases, used to give training for snatching chains.

More than 30 cases of snatching are registered against Deva in various police stations of the capital. Deva trains youth who commit snatchings. He teaches the youth the nuances of removing the chain from the neck. After getting trained, he would send an old and a new boy to snatch the chain. He used to hire the youth who were bright in this work. He used to give two to five thousand rupees to the youth as salary. Deva also gives training to snatch purse and mobile along with chain. Deva’s wife was arrested during the time of former City SP Harilal Chauhan. He had revealed these things at that time. She had told that the criminals of Deva’s gang used to snatch chains and bring them to her and she used to dispose of them.

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