Deoria: Wife was insisting on shopping on Chhath Puja, there was no money in her pocket, she beat her to death in anger

In Deoria, UP, a young man’s wife went to his fields to ask for money for Chhath shopping, which enraged him. Then he beat his wife to death in front of the villagers. But no one came forward to save him. Not only this, people did not even inform the police. After this the accused tied his wife’s body to the front of the tractor. Then plowed the field for 2 hours. After this, he left Ford in the field and went home in a tractor. Brought a trolley from there. After this he single-handedly put his wife’s body in the trolley. Kept roaming in the village with a tractor-trolley for about 12 hours. Then he took the body to the forest, threw it and ran away. After this the police somehow got the information. Then the police arrested him and on his information the body was recovered from the forest of Kushinagar.

This is the whole matter

Actually, Alok alias Vipin Singh, resident of Sukai Parsia village of Surauli police station, has a domineering image. He was plowing the field with a tractor on Saturday. Apart from this, other people of the nearby village were working in the fields. At around 3 o’clock in the day, wife Khushboo reached and signaled to stop the tractor. As soon as the tractor stopped, he demanded Rs 3,000 for shopping on Chhath Puja. Alok got angry at this. He abused his wife. Then refused to give the money. An altercation started between the two regarding this matter. The matter escalated and Alok beat Khushboo to death. After this, Alok first placed his wife’s dead body in the front of the tractor and continued plowing the field. After this, he left Ford in the fields and came home with a tractor and then packed the trolley. Here I kept roaming in the village after putting the dead body in the trolley. Late in the evening he disappeared along with the tractor. After this, Alok was seen by the people at Phulwariya intersection along with his tractor-trolley. During this time someone informed the police. Then the police chased him. But he absconded. After this Alok threw his wife’s body in the forest. Then returned to the village. After this the police arrested him on Monday. He told the police that his wife’s body was thrown in a forest in Kushinagar. After this the police reached there with him. Then on his information the body was recovered.

both had a love marriage

Vipin told the police that he was the only son of his family. But since then we grew close to Khushboo, who lives next door. From then on he was ready to live and die for it. For that a young man from the village was murdered. When the marriage took place after his release from jail, it seemed that everything would be fine. For two years, I did whatever Khushboo told me. Leaving his parents, he used to fulfill all his wishes by driving JCB machine and tractor in Deoria. Both have a daughter. Here for one and a half years she started asking for Rs 300 daily. If there was any earning, he would give him money, but on days when there was no earning. Even that day she started fighting over money. Due to this, he came to the village for a month and started doing farming. That day when Khushboo reached the farm and started demanding Rs 3000. At that time there was no money in her pocket and she was not ready to accept it. Because of this he got angry and beat him. Due to which he died. To escape from the police, his body was taken and thrown near Majhna Nala in Kushinagar district.

The family members of the deceased did not lodge an FIR

At the same time, Khushboo’s parents, angry over the love marriage, did not file any complaint regarding the murder. The police was waiting for the deceased’s brother to file a complaint, but after coming to Deoria, his mobile also got switched off. Mother of the deceased Khushboo said that she has already ruined the family and we have no relation with her. The police have registered a case of murder on the complaint of the village watchman. Police Station Head Vinod Kumar Singh said that the accused is on bail in a previous murder case. Accused has been arrested. The tractor and trolley lying in the fields have been recovered. The accused is being interrogated.

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