Deoghar: Police was attacked during a raid in Sukhjora village of Sarath police station area.

Deoghar: In the case of attack on the police team in Sukhjora village under Sarath police station area, the police have started investigation by registering a case against seven named and 12 unidentified people for obstructing government work and attacking the police. However, in this case, the police arrested Tilakdhari Mandal and his wife Yashoda Devi from the spot itself and sent them to judicial custody on Tuesday, while the police is busy conducting rapid raids to arrest the remaining others. It is noteworthy that on Monday at 12 noon, a joint police team of Cyber ​​Police Station and Sarath Police Station had reached a house in Sukhjora village to arrest the cyber criminals.

Started running away after seeing the police

The police team entered a house to raid a house where three-four boys were committing cyber fraud. Everyone started running away as soon as they saw the police, who caught two of the boys and interrogated them. Angered by the incident, the family members and villagers attacked the police and freed the two boys and ran away. The police arrested Tilakdhari Mandal from the said spot, kept his wife Yashoda Devi, who had come to save him, in custody and interrogated him. Today the police sent both the accused to judicial custody in the said case.

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