Demand for bamboo material increased due to festivals and weddings

Barkagaon. The demand for bamboo basket, daura, mauni, soup and other items has increased due to Ram Navami, Chaitra Durga Puja, Chaitra Chhath Puja and weddings. The hands of artisans making bamboo materials have become sharp. People of Turi caste make bamboo materials. Bamboo material is made in Nimiyatola, Gondalpura village of Turi Mohalla Talsawar Panchayat located at Barkagaon Block Chowk. Bamboo material is made and sold in the weekly markets of Barkagaon Daily Market, Vishrampur Weekly Market, Badam Harli, Chandol. This business is the ancestral business of the people of Turi caste. In this regard, Dashrath Turi of Barkagaon says that we have been doing this work for years. Bamboo soup and mauni are sold for Rs 150, basket, tourma for Rs 300. People who make bamboo baskets say that ever since the ban has been imposed by the Forest Committee, it has become difficult to get bamboo. Therefore, Dashrath, Turi, Kittu Turi, Dhaneshwar Turi, Ishwari Turi, Dilip Turi have demanded from the state government to provide them bamboo.

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