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DA Hike News: When will dearness allowance increase for UP government employees, know the latest update

DA Hike News: A big update has come out regarding the salaries of state employees of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh government can give the benefit of increase in dearness allowance any time after October 20. A source posted in the state government said that as soon as the central government announces the increased dearness allowance to the central employees, within a few days the state government can issue an order to pay the increased amount of dearness allowance with arrears. Is. The Finance Department of UP has made complete preparations for this. Sources claim that it may be announced before Dussehra or Diwali.

27.35 lakh employees, teachers and pensioners will get benefits

There are about 16.5 lakh state employees in Uttar Pradesh. Along with this, the number of pensioners is also more than 11 lakh. About 27.35 lakh employees, teachers and pensioners are waiting for this allowance to be given twice a year (every half year). State employees leader RK Nigam while talking to BollywoodWallah said that till Dussehra, Uttar Pradesh government can give the benefit of increase in North Dearness Allowance. Often it comes with arrears at this time.

After the increase, DA of employees will be 46%

In May, the government had announced a 4% increase in dearness allowance and dearness relief for state employees and pensioners. The policy was changed and implemented from January 1 this year. With this, DA had increased from 38% to 42%. 27.35 lakh employee-pensioners got its benefit. If sources are to be believed, DA is expected to increase by four percent to 46 percent.

What is dearness allowance?

dearness allowance (Dearness Allowance,DA) is a type of allowance which is given to government employees and pensioners in the form of increase in their salary or pension according to inflation. Its objective is that when inflation increases, their salary or pension should be increased to improve their economic conditions. Its objective is that people are not only linked to the basic salary, but their income is adjusted to their economic needs and inflation. The basic basis of dearness allowance is a special kind of living wage which is called “Cost of Living”. Its basic objective is that a person can properly balance his cost of living based on his personal income. Governments reform the dearness allowance from time to time so that the use of salary and pension mechanism can help the individuals in saving the reasonable cost of living.

What is AICPI Index?

Full name of AICPI index (All India Consumer Price Index) Is. It is an important economic indicator which is used to measure the inflation experienced in India. This index is related to inflation perceived by the Indian Government for business and financial services and measures consumer spending on various items like apparel, food, preventive and medicine etc. The specialty of AICPI index is that it takes into account the expenses of commercial and poor class consumers and determines the amount of inflation based on them. On the basis of these indices, the Government of India reviews and optimizes various pay scales, allowances and pensions. This index is important to understand the inflationary conditions in the Indian economy and also helps in planning social and economic schemes.

The Government of India usually releases two major AICPI indices:

  • AICPI (IW) for summer season: Which measures the inflation experienced from April to September.

  • AICPI (IW) for winter season: Which measures the inflation experienced from October to March.

How to get dearness allowance from AICPI Index

Dearness allowance is available from AICPI index. Indian Government employees are used to adjust their salaries according to inflation. It is a type of allowance that employees get as a specific part of their salary. In this method, dearness allowance is given to the employees in the form of a kind of salary increase so that they do not have to adjust to the increase in inflation along with the salary.

There are some main stages that are passed:

  • Preparation of Index: AICPI index is prepared which measures the realized expenses of various apparel, food, preventive, drug, and other consumer goods and services. This expenditure is made by people of different population groups.

  • Calculation of dearness allowance: The allowance is calculated on the basis of AICPI index. If the index increases, the dearness allowance increases and if the index decreases, the allowance also decreases.

  • Government Decision: On the basis of policies and methods laid down by the government, dearness allowance is determined.

  • Inclusion in salary: Dearness allowance is included in salary and is given to employees as a surplus amount over and above their salary.


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