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DA Hike: Know how much money government employees will get after 4% increase in dearness allowance

There is big news for the government employees and pensioners of Bihar. The Bihar government has increased their dearness allowance. On the lines of the central government, the Bihar government has increased the dearness allowance by 4 percent. It has now increased to 42 percent. Its benefit will be given to more than 4 lakh employees and more than 2 lakh pensioners. This is the second increase in dearness allowance by the Bihar government in a year. Due to this, there will be an additional burden of about one thousand crore rupees on the exchequer of the government. The benefit of increased dearness allowance will be available from this year itself. That is, its benefit will be available from January 1, 2023. It will be paid along with the March salary.

There will be an annual profit of 6 to 48 thousand rupees

With this decision of the cabinet, the employees of the state will get an annual benefit of 6 thousand to 48 thousand rupees. Think of it like this. The basic salary of the state employees starts from Rs.18,000, then the people of this band will get Rs.9477 including DA+TA. Till now he was getting Rs.8703. This means that compared to the previous dearness allowance, a total of Rs 774 more will come in his salary. Similarly, whose basic salary is higher, he will get more benefits. This decision of the government is being considered as a big gift for the employees and pensioners. Earlier, on October 13, in the year 2022, the Bihar government had increased the dearness allowance of state government employees and pensioners from 34 to 38 percent. After the new allowance, the financial burden of the government will increase by about Rs 1000 crore.


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