Criminals damaged highway by hurling a bomb in KDS (K) siding, four criminals carried out the incident.

Ratnesh Kumar Mishra, Kendua:At around 7 am on Monday morning, criminals hurled a bomb at BCCL’s Kusunda KDS (K) siding and damaged the glass of STG company’s Hyva (JH10S/5543) parked on the side of the CHP road. After this the criminals escaped from the CHP. There were no casualties in the incident. According to the workers working at the siding, the incident was carried out by four criminals with their mouths tied with handkerchiefs. The CISF jawan and other working personnel on duty at the check post of the siding said that there was a loud sound like a tire burst. After going and checking, it was found that the criminals had broken the glass of the car by throwing a bomb. After receiving information about the incident, CISF’s QRT reached Kusunda Siding and started investigating the matter.

Workers are scared after the incident

Event Since then, the workers working at Kusunda Siding are afraid for their safety. The workers said that armed CISF should be deployed at the siding. Loading Babu of the siding, Bipin Kumar Rai said that the incident has been informed to BCCL officials. Kenduadih police had also arrived to investigate the incident. In the matter, Kusunda GM VK Goyal said that information about the incident has been received. The local police has been informed.

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