Cricket World Cup: After the defeat, PM Modi boosted India’s morale, congratulated Australia, know who said what

Ahmedabad: Australia won the ICC Cricket World Cup by defeating India. After this, PM Modi encouraged the Indian team and congratulated the winning team for winning the title. Chasing India’s target of 241 runs, Australia won by scoring 241 runs after losing four wickets in 43 overs. Travis Head scored 137 runs for Australia.

After India’s defeat, Modi praised the talent of the team and said that the country stands with them and will always stand with them. Prime Minister Modi wrote on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), “Dear Team India, your talent and determination in the World Cup was remarkable. You played with great spirit and made the country proud. We stand with you today and always.

Congratulating Australia on the victory, Prime Minister Modi wrote, “Congratulations to Australia on the spectacular victory in the World Cup! His performance throughout the tournament was commendable which ended with a resounding victory. Congratulations to Travis Head on his great performance today.

Members of the 2011 World Champion team also encouraged Team India.

Former Indian players Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag, who were members of the 2011 World Champion team, also encouraged the team. Gambhir wrote, “As I have said, we are a champion team. So keep your heads held high boys…Many congratulations to Australia.” Sehwag said, “Many congratulations to Australia on winning the World Cup. They were the best team on the day of the final. Travis Head’s performance was incredible, being man of the match in the World Test Championship final. Won the semi-final for Australia and played one of the best innings ever in a World Cup final and finished the match.

He said, “Despite not being a part of the team in the initial phase of the World Cup due to injury, the decision to keep him in the team was a great decision. We can hold our heads high for the effort our boys put in throughout the tournament. He gave us many happy moments throughout the World Cup but unfortunately he could not cross the victory line in the final.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “India may have missed out on winning the trophy but their journey in the World Cup was nothing short of extraordinary. He fought hard and played cricket. The team’s performance was excellent in every match. Congratulations to our boys for making the country proud.

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