Crackdown on AI

On one hand, there is enthusiasm across the world including India about the multidimensional benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new experiments are being done in this field every day. At the same time, fears and concerns about large-scale misuse of this technology are also increasing. There is a discussion going on at the global level for regulation related to the expansion and use of AI, in which India is also playing an important role. Taking a big step in this regard, the Government of India has directed all AI platforms to take government permission before launching their products in front of the people. The Union Ministry of Information Technology has also said in its instructions that data should be kept regarding who is making what using AI technology, so that the person making fake content can be identified. Minister of State for Information Technology Rajeev Chandrashekhar has said that when an item like a car or microprocessor is brought into the market, it is thoroughly tested, but this is not happening in the field of AI. Be it big tech companies or startups, they are making their AI products available without thorough testing. This increases the possibility of their misuse.

Since there are many platforms active in this field and their number is increasing, a permission system is also necessary to prevent breaches in the data security of the people using them. In recent times, many cases of deepfakes and creating misleading content using AI have come to light in India and many countries. In the instructions issued by the Government of India, it has also asked AI platforms to ensure that they do not promote any prejudice or discrimination and do not allow activities that harm the sanctity of the electoral process. This directive, issued on March 1, has come into effect with immediate effect and AI platforms are expected to inform the government about the implementation of the provisions within 15 days. It is noteworthy that in November and December last year, there were discussions between Rajiv Chandrashekhar and representatives of the technology industry. Along with the proposed law and mutual coordination, it was also agreed that AI platforms will give clear instructions to their users that using the platform with illegal information can be harmful to them, they can be banned and some In such cases, punishment can also be done under the legal system. It is hoped that the new instructions will help in making AI technology safe and effective.

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