‘Corruption everywhere in Telangana’, said Priyanka Gandhi – If BRS comes to power, it will rule from ‘farmhouse’

Priyanka targeted BJP

Priyanka said that AIMIM contests on 40 to 50 seats in other states, but in Telangana it fields candidates on only nine seats. The Congress leader said, “These three parties are on one side and Congress is on the other side.” He claimed that BJP has become the richest party in the world and has given the country’s wealth to its industrialist friends. At the same time, in a meeting in Kodangal, he attacked BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that today the situation in the country is such that on an average a farmer earns only Rs 27 per day, while Modi’s industrialist friend Adani earns crores of rupees. The Congress leader Claimed that the Center bought two aircraft for Prime Minister Modi a few years ago at a cost of Rs 16,000 crore, but refused to waive the loan of sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh, which was Rs 15,000 crore.

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