Coal production in Bokaro’s B&K area increased by more than 50 lakh tonnes in one and a half decade, earlier there were nine mines, now there are only three.

Bermo, Rakesh Verma: In the financial year ended 2023-24, CCL’s B&K area under Bermo Coal Plant of Bokaro has secured fourth place in the entire CCL and first place in Bermo in coal production. In the last one and a half decade, the production of the area has increased by more than 50 lakh tonnes annually. The production of the area was about 25 lakh tonnes in the year 2008-09 and has reached 70-80 lakh tonnes in the financial year 2023-24. In the new financial year 2024-25, the production target of the area is nine million tonnes and the target of OB disposal is 9.65 million cubic meter tonnes.

Currently there are only three mines
Earlier the B&K area included Bokaro Colliery, Kargli Colliery, Karo OCP, KMP OCP, Kabaribandh, Giridih Colliery (all open cast mines) besides Bermo Seam Incline and KSP Phase two underground mines. In the year 2018-19, Kabribandh and Giridih Colliery were included in Dhori area. At present, Kabaribandh and Giridih Colliery have been merged and made a separate independent area. At present only three projects are running in B&K area. Apart from AKK OCP by combining KMP and Konar, there is Karo OCP and Bokaro Colliery. Coal production from Kargali Colliery has come to a standstill since 2015-16. The underground mine Bermo Seam Incline and KSP Phase-II project was closed forever seven-eight years ago. At present there is shifting and displacement problem in all three running mines of B&K area. Especially the AKK project, which is included in the mega project of Coal India, is facing many kinds of obstacles due to land dispute during the expansion of mines. The management wants to soon shift the Dargah Mohalla of Barwabeda village adjacent to the mines. The management has made full preparations to settle Barwabeda village with all the facilities in the rehabilitation site near Phase 2, the process of which is also going on. Apart from this, the process of shifting the magazine built in the forest near Jarangdih Dhori Mata Hospital is also going on, so that the mines can be expanded. Similarly, shifting is a big problem for expansion of mines in Karo OCP. Work at a cost of Rs 6 crore is going on near Kargali Slurry Pound to shift the villagers of the area adjacent to Karo Mines. At present 200 villagers are to be shifted here. If the shifting process is not started here soon, coal production from Karo OCP will soon stop again. Apart from this, there is also a shifting problem in the mines expansion of more than a hundred old Bokaro Colliery. Presently production is going on from the DD mines of the colliery. For the expansion of the mines, 1100 organized and unorganized laborers were to be shifted. 866 people have been shifted so far. After the completion of the shifting work, a total of 16 lakh tonnes of coal will be available from here. Whereas after OB re-handling in the south side of the mines, five lakh tonnes of coal will be available. After this, in view of the production-productivity crisis coming from the colliery, now the management exercise is going on to run this colliery through long term outsourcing.

Coal production of B&K area
financial year production
2008-09 2549843
2009-10 2851783
2010-11 2650501
2011-12 2346970
2012-13 2593685
2013-14 2670076
2014-15 4540490
2015-16 5368238
2016-17 6015278
2017-18 6551601
2018-19 6444737
2019-20 7933334
2020-21 4761536
2021-22 7139828
2022-23 8150736
2023-24 7002134

For the first time in one and a half decade, Bokaro Colliery produced more than three lakh tonnes.
The old Bokaro colliery of B&K area produced more than three lakh tonnes of coal in the financial year 2023-24 for the first time in one and a half decade.

financial year production
2008-09 171914
2009-10 105660
2010-11 33393
2011-12 38018
2012-13 67006
2013-14 53877
2014-15 95765
2015-16 84113
2016-17 96066
2017-18 98812
2018-19 102897
2019-20 210823
2020-21 297948
2021-22 144799
2022-23 309813
2023-24 324825

KSP phase two from 2016-17 and BSI closed from 2018-19
The underground mine Govindpur Phase II project of B&K area was closed from the financial year 2016-17. Before this, till the financial year 2015-16, 4617 tonnes of coal was produced from this UG mines. Bermo Seam Incline was closed from the financial year 2018-19. Before this, till the financial year 2017-18, 4994 tonnes of coal was produced from this underground mine.

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