CM Yogi inaugurated 13 projects of industrial estates and ODOP CFC

Lucknow: UP CM Yogi Adityanath, on the occasion of the curtain raiser ceremony of the second edition of the International Trade Show held at Lok Bhavan on Thursday, said that making UP a sick state was a political mentality. Now we have made it the second largest economy of the country. The traditional artisans, craftsmen and young entrepreneurs in UP who were disappointed earlier, today show enthusiasm on their faces. ODOP scheme of Uttar Pradesh has today become the cornerstone of self-reliant India. On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 13 projects of industrial estates and ODOP CFC. Also honored traditional handicraftsmen and artisans of different districts.

CM Yogi said that the second edition of the International Trade Show will be organized in Greater Noida between 25 and 29 September 2024. Through this, UP is once again going to showcase its potential in front of the global society. Last year, an International Trade Show was organized in Greater Noida in UP, the success of which set a new record. It gave a powerful platform to showcase the potential of UP. For the first time, more than 500 foreign buyers, 70 thousand people participated and there was a footfall of 3 lakh people.

CM Yogi said that the handicraftsmen, artisans and young entrepreneurs of UP had the potential, but they needed the encouragement and platform of the government. Entrepreneurs were distressed and forced to migrate due to government neglect and Inspector Raj. In 2018 we started the ODOP scheme. Due to which the work of providing market and technology to traditional enterprises started. Due to this, ODOP of UP has become the foundation stone of self-reliant India. On which UP is proud.

CM Yogi said that the young entrepreneurs are excited. They are confident that their product is ready for global competition. Our exports increased from Rs 86 thousand crore to Rs 2 lakh crore. It has created employment opportunities. To boost up young entrepreneurs, we have started CM Yuva Udyami Yojana in this budget, under which interest free loan scheme is being provided.

He told that on February 19, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of the fourth ground breaking ceremony of UP. On this occasion, the foundation stone of schemes worth Rs 10 lakh crore will be laid. This will provide jobs to 33 lakh youth. Wherever these industries will be set up, roads will be built, electricity will be available and drinking water will be provided. New jobs will be created. Residential facilities will also be developed. Earlier all these clusters were ending in UP. Today packaging institutes are being established in the state.

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