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Christmas 2023 Decorations: Bells, socks and stars are the beauty of Christmas, know special things related to it

Christmas 2023 Decorations

Christmas 2023 Decorations: The big day i.e. Christmas festival is celebrated on 25th December all over the world including India. On this day the Christian community celebrates the birthday of Lord Jesus. The English word ‘Christmas’ is translated as ‘Mass on Christ’s Day’ and Santa Claus is the main and important feature on Christmas Eve. People dress up as Santa Claus and gift gifts and sweets to children. On this occasion, people decorate the Christmas tree at home, also put stars, socks and bells in it. All these decorative items have their own special significance.


Star : The stars placed on the top of the Christmas tree look very beautiful. This twinkling star brings positivity, happiness and prosperity with its energy. This star was seen in the sky on the night Jesus was born.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

bell : Attractive and beautiful bells are used in Christmas decorations. When these bells ring, they make us realize that Christmas has arrived. Along with this, they announce that Jesus was born on this day.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

Beliefs related to Christmas tree: It is also believed that the Christmas tree protects them from evil spirits. At the same time, some people consider the evergreen Christmas tree as a symbol of positivity, rebirth and stamina in life.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

It is believed that after the leaves of the trees fall, the soul of the tree leaves it. Due to this, people decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and beautifully decorate it to attract the holy spirits.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

Lights and Candles: The lights and candles used in Christmas decorations remind us that Jesus Christ is a light for this world who shows people the way.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

Lights and candles teach that every person should help others, support others and show them the way.

Christmas 2023 Decorations

Socks : Colorful Christmas socks decorations are always a reminder to help others

Story behind decorating socks

There is an interesting story behind decorating the socks. According to mythology, an old man had three spherical gold balls, which he threw into the house of another person. He had three daughters who were to be married. These three balls fell into three different socks which were put to dry. After getting these three gold balls, the man was able to marry his daughters.


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