Child killed in bomb blast in public toilet in Bangaon village on India-Bangladesh border

A bomb exploded in a public toilet in a village in Bangaon district of West Bengal, located on the India-Bangladesh border, killing a child. The age of the child is said to be 11-12 years. It has been told that in the morning a child had gone to defecate in the public toilet of the village built on the roadside. Seeing a round object in the toilet, he started playing with it. Perhaps while getting up, he stepped on it, due to which the explosion took place.

The child fell away after the explosion, died

The explosion was so strong that the child fell far away. Completely bled. That child died on the spot itself. It has been told that the round object was nothing but a twine bomb. Sutli bombs are found on a large scale in Bengal. In recent days, a large number of twine bombs are being recovered in Birbhum district. The police is also worried as to who is making so many bombs and why?

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