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Chhattisgarh’s para athletes shine in national competition, medal winners honored

different country national competition 14 who brought laurels to Chhattisgarh by winning medals in para athletes Has been honored by the State Para Sports Association of Chhattisgarh. All these para athletes had won a total of 26 medals in various disciplines of para athletics organized in the last two years. This year, till 20 March 2023, the 21st National Senior Para Athletics Competition was organized in Pune. In which Chhattisgarh’s para athletes got four gold and one bronze medal.

Chhattisgarh’s para athletes shine

Let us tell you that this year Chhattisgarh got a total of ten students in sub-junior, junior and senior categories. medal have met. Lucky Yadav of Chhattisgarh won silver medal in 1500 meters race, gold medal in 100 meters race and gold medal in 400 meters race in sub-junior competition. Apart from Lucky, in the junior category, Sukhdev won gold in 1500 meters and bronze in 100 meters.

These players also won medals

Apart from all these, Ishwari Nishad won gold in 200 meters and Chhoti Mehra in shot put and discus throw in senior category. Sukhnandan Nishad won gold in 100 meters and bronze in long jump. In the National Senior Competition of Para Swimming held in Guwahati from 11 to 13 November 2022, Para swimmers won maximum 16 medals for the state with their excellent performance.

Rohit Kumar Gond won gold in 50m breaststroke, gold in backstroke and gold in 50m freestyle, while Kumari Anjana won gold in 50m breaststroke and bronze in 100m freestyle.Malti Rathod won silver in 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle. Won bronze medal in meter backstroke.

Kisram Patel won bronze medal in 50m backstroke. Bharat Singh won silver in 100m backstroke, bronze in 50m backstroke and bronze in 50m freestyle, while Jantram Panika won silver in 50m backstroke and bronze in 50m freestyle.Rajendra Yadav won 50m butterfly Won bronze medal in the competition. Kumari Mohani Maravi won the silver medal in 100m backstroke. Ramesh won bronze medal in 50 meter butterfly event.


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