Chhath Special Trains: These Chhath special trains will run from November 15, see when and where the stoppages in Jharkhand

Chhath Puja Special Train: Train number 08793 Durg-Patna Chhath special train will run on 15th November. The train will leave from Durg at 2.45 pm. Raipur departure at 3.45 pm, Bhatapara departure at 4.29 pm, Bilaspur departure at 5.45 pm, Champa departure at 6.25 pm, Raigarh departure at 7.20 pm, Jharsuguda departure at 8.42 pm, Rourkela departure at 10.15 pm, Hatia departure at 1.00 pm, Ranchi departure Departure at 1.20 am, Muri departure at 2.27 am, Bokaro departure at 3.20 am, Rajabera departure at 3.40 am, Chandrapura departure at 3.52 am, Goma departure at 4.25 am, Koderma departure at 5.45 am, Gaya departure at 7.30 am, Jehanabad departure at 8.22 am and arrival in Patna will be at 9.30 am.

At the same time, train number 08794 will leave from Patna on 16th November. Train departure from Patna at 10.30 am, Jehanabad departure at 11.15 am, Gaya departure at 12.30 pm, Koderma departure at 2.17 pm, Gomo departure at 3.30 pm, Chandrapura departure at 4.17 pm, Rajabera departure at 4.45 pm, Bokaro departure at 7.05 pm , Muri departure at 6.20 pm, Ranchi departure at 7.50 pm, Hatia departure at 8.15 pm, Rourkela departure at 11.15 pm, Jharsuguda departure at 1.00 pm, Raigarh departure at 2.12 am, Champa departure at 3.25 am, Bilaspur departure at 4.45 am, Bhatapara Departure will be at 5.30 am, departure from Raipur at 7.15 am and arrival at Durg at 8.20 am.

Coaches increased for Chhath festival, many special trains started

Additional bogies have also been added to eight trains passing through Jamshedpur. In this, additional bogies have been added in Howrah-Shirdi Sainagar, Rourkela-Bhubaneswar, Thawe to Patna Janshatabdi, Ranchi to Godda, Ranchi to Banaras train, Tata to Ara, Howrah to Puri and Tata to Jammu Tawi Express. At the same time, Tata-Chhapra weekly train has been started on 15th November. The train will leave Tatanagar at 1:20 pm and reach Chhapra at 3:00 am on the next day. Similarly, this train from Chhapra will leave at 6:00 am on Thursday. Tatanagar will reach at 8:45 pm on the second day. This train will run in the month of November. MGR Chennai Central Santragachi special train will run on 11, 18 and 25 November. It will open at 11.45 pm. Will reach Santragachi at 3.45 am. At the same time, Santragachi to MGR Chennai Central train will open at 5 am on 13, 20 and 27 November. This train will reach Chennai Central at 11 am. At the same time, one additional sleeper coach each has been added in Shalimar-Puri Jagannath Express and Puri Shalimar Jagannath Express. Additional bogie has been added in Puri Yoganagaripuri Express train. After adding one additional bogie, the total number of coaches will become 22.

Chhath Puja special trains will run via Gomo and Dhanbad

In view of the extra rush of passengers during Diwali and Chhath. railway Trains are being run from different stations via Dhanbad and Gomo. For the convenience of passengers, 10 more special trains are being operated. Train No. 08793/08794 Durg-Patna-Durg Chhath Special (via Raipur-Bilaspur- Rourkela-Hatia-Bokaro-Gomo-Gaya) – Train No. 08793 Durg-Patna Chhath Special will depart from Durg at 02.45 pm on 15th November and depart at 09.30 the next day. Will reach Patna at 12:00. In return, train number 08794 Patna-Durg Chhath Special will depart from Patna at 10.30 am on 16th November and reach Durg at 08.20 am the next day. This special will have seven coaches of air-conditioned class, nine of sleeper class and 04 coaches of ordinary class.

Ranchi-Jaynagar will run via Dhanbad

Train numbers 08105 and 08106 Ranchi-Jaynagar-Ranchi Chhath Special (via Bokaro-Dhanbad-Jassih-Jhajha-Barauni-Samastipur-Darbhanga-Madhubani) are being run. Train number 08105 Ranchi-Jayanagar Chhath Special will depart from Ranchi at 11.55 pm on Saturday and 18th November and reach Jaynagar at 03.30 pm the next day. In return train no. 08106 Jaynagar-Ranchi Chhath Special will depart from Jaynagar at 05.00 pm on 12th and 19th November and reach Ranchi at 09.00 am the next day. This special will have one coach of third air-conditioned class, 11 of sleeper class and 10 of ordinary class.

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