Chhath Puja special train will run from Tanakpur in Uttarakhand to UP, Haryana and Rajasthan from today, these will be the stoppages

Bareilly : NER’s Izzatnagar Railway Division has decided to run a special train for Chhath Puja. This special train 05097/05098 will run between Tanakpur via Bareilly-Khatipura. Due to the additional rush of passengers, it will run between Tanakpur via Bareilly-Khatipura till December 2. This special train will run from Tanakpur station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Along with this, it will run from Khatipura station for 06 trips on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 21st November to 02nd December. 05097 will depart from Tanakpur station at 6.25 pm, Khatima at 6.55 pm, Pilibhit station at 7.45 pm, Bhojipura at 8.27 pm, From Izzatnagar station at 8.42 am, from Bareilly City at 9.10 am, from Bareilly Junction at 9.30 am, from Chandausi at 11.30 am, from Moradabad at 12.45 pm on the second day, from Ghaziabad station at 03.20 am, from Delhi at 4.40 am, from Delhi Cantt at 05.17 am , will leave Gurgaon at 05.35 hrs, Rewari at 06.50 hrs, Alwar at 07.32 hrs, Bandikui at 07.55 hrs, Dausa at 08.26 hrs, Gandhinagar at 09.02 hrs, Jaipur station at 09.26 hrs and will reach Khatipura station at 10.20 hrs. Similarly, in return, 05098 Khatipura will leave. -Tanakpur Chhath Puja special train will leave from Khatipura station at 6.30 pm, from Jaipur station at 7.02 pm, from Gandhinagar at 7.26 pm, from Dausa at 7.48 pm, from Bandikui at 8.20 pm, from Alwar at 8.42 pm, from Rewari at 9.50 pm, from Gurgaon at 10.54 pm, From Delhi Cantt at 11.15 am, from Delhi Junction at 11.55 am, from Ghaziabad at 12.47 pm on the second day, from Moradabad at 3.55 am, from Chandausi at 4.20 am, from Bareilly Junction at 6.30 am, from Bareilly City at 6.45 pm, from Izzatnagar at 7.05 pm, from Bhojipura It will leave from Pilibhit at 7.20 am, from Pilibhit at 8.05 am, from Khatima at 9.00 am and reach Tanakpur station at 9.35 am.

Passengers upset due to lateness of trains

At Bareilly Junction of Northern Railway, up and down line trains are arriving late by hours. Due to this, the passengers are very upset. The trains coming on Sunday night have arrived on Monday morning. Passengers also complained about this on Railway’s Twitter. Trains Everyone is troubled by the increasing lateness of trains. Passengers have to wait for 8 to 10 hours in winter.

Report: Muhammad Sajid

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