Chhath Puja 2023: Kharna has special significance on Chhath Puja, know why jaggery kheer is made on this day.

Chhath Puja 2023: Today is the second day of Chhath Puja, the great festival of folk faith. Kharna is celebrated on this day. On this day, special prasad of jaggery kheer is made for Chhathi Maiya. This Prasad is prepared in a very clean manner because purity has special importance in this festival. This four-day fast starting with Nahay Khay is considered one of the most difficult fasts.

What is Kharna?

This time the Chhath festival started on 17th November with Nahay Khay. Today, 18th November, is the second day of Chhath festival. In the evening, a special kheer made of jaggery will be prepared for Chhathi Maiya. Kharna means purification. On the day of Kharna, women keep fast for the whole day. The prasad prepared for Chhathi Maiya. That kheer is made from earthen stove and mango wood is used as fuel. After the Prasad is prepared, the fasting women first consume it, after which it is distributed. Then other members of the family also accept it.

Keep these things in mind on the day of Kharna

  • Special care is taken of cleanliness at Kharna.

  • During Chhath festival, onion and garlic are not to be consumed for the entire four days.

  • During Chhath, women do not have to sleep on the bed for four days.

  • Make the Prasad of Kharna Puja at a place where daily food is not prepared.

  • After the Kharna Prasad is prepared, it is offered to Chhathi Maiya.

  • After offering Kheer Prasad to the Mother Goddess, the fasting person should first consume it.

  • The fasting person should not eat or drink anything without offering Arghya to the Sun.

Importance of grinding wheat on the day of Kharna

On the day of Kharna, grinding wheat has great importance. People take clean wheat to the mill early in the morning. And wheat is milled there. After grinding it, it is used to make Kharna Roti and Mahaprasad Thekua for the next day. Rice is also ground along with wheat. Kasar laddu is made from rice flour.

Jaggery kheer is made on Kharna

Kheer made from jaggery has a different significance on the day of Kharna. In Kharna, kheer made of jaggery and rice is offered as bhog. People also call it rosacea. Earthen stove and mango wood are used in making this Prasad. After making the Prasad, Lord Surya is worshipped, and the Prasad is offered to him first. After this the fasting women consume it. After the fasting women consume the prasad, it is distributed among the people. The fasting person observes a waterless fast for 36 hours by taking prasad of jaggery and kheer.

36 hour waterless fast

On the day of Kharna, Chhathavrati takes the prasad of kheer made of jaggery and the 36-hour waterless fast begins. And on the last day, the fast ends after offering Arghya to the rising sun. Along with this, every fast takes food and water.

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