Chhath Puja 2023: Fine of Rs 27.72 lakh collected from 2337 vehicles on the day of Nahay-Khay in Patna

In order to completely organize the traffic system in the capital Patna regarding Chhath Puja, an intensive investigation campaign is being conducted by the traffic police. In this series, on November 17, the day of Nahay-Khay of Chhath festival, a fine of Rs 27.72 lakh was collected on 2337 vehicles. Also, a fine of Rs 3.88 lakh was imposed on 98 vehicles for speeding. Along with this, two vehicles parked on the road near Ashok Rajpath Kulhariya Complex were confiscated.

Diverted towards Ashok Rajpath

On Sunday, a crowd of people gathered on JP Ganga Path to bring Ganga water for the Chhath festival. All vehicles have started reaching the ghat to offer Argh to the Sun. Due to this there was a jam situation. However, the traffic police diverted the vehicles coming from JP Setu towards Ashok Rajpath and normalized the traffic by closing all the U-turns from Rupaspur Canal Road.

This traffic arrangement will remain for two days

-No vehicles will move through Digha Golambar on 19th and 20th November.

-JP Ganga Path will remain completely empty for the emergency route.

-A lane above Ramjichak ROB and Patalipath coming from the canal side will be there for parking the vehicles of Chhathvratis.

-On 19th and 20th November, vehicles coming to JP Setu from Sonpur side will be diverted to Ashok Rajpath. These vehicles will not go towards JP Ganga Path or Atal Path under any circumstances.

-An appeal has been made to the general public to use the underpass of Ashok Rajpath and JP Ganga Path as much as possible to go to Digha Gate No. 93, 92, 88, 83 and Kurji Ghat and Bans Ghat.

– Arrangements have been made for parking of vehicles at Collectorate Ghat. Therefore, vehicles of Chhathvratis going to Collectorate or Mahendru Ghat will be parked in the parking lot only.

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