Chhath is not only a religious ritual but also has scientific and social significance.

Chhath is not just a religious ritual, it also has scientific and social importance. This miraculous fast brings improvement in every part of life. That is why the importance of this great festival increases even more. Chhath Puja is also the worship of nature. On this occasion, roads, streets, rivers, ponds and reservoirs are cleaned. This is the worship of the Sun, from whose light life originates.

In Hindu religion, there has been a centuries-old tradition of expressing faith by associating gods and goddesses with festivals. But, worship of Sun God on Chhath festival has special significance. Chhath festival is considered the most difficult fast. It also has its own scientific importance, which explains the communication of life with faith. Although people have faith in all the Gods and Goddesses, but the Chhath festival dedicated to Sun God is also a special festival from the scientific point of view.

People not only see the Sun God directly, along with this the origin of life can also be seen from his light. Without the rays of the sun, no creature, animal or plant can come into existence in the world. Grains, fruits and flowers are produced through the process of photosynthesis using the sun’s rays. The eco system cannot be imagined without the energy received from the sun’s rays. By offering water to the Sun God while standing in water, the nervous system not only controls the body but also becomes active.

Along with this, the working capacity of the brain also increases. Apart from this, Chhath festival also has great importance from the point of view of environmental protection. All the materials used in Chhath festival are natural as well as biodegradable. This does not have any bad effect on nature. On the festival of Chhath, only those materials are offered to God, whose origin was due to Lord Surya.

Apart from this, Chhath festival is also a festival that unites the community. In a way, people coming together for environmental protection is a major condition. Living proof of this can be seen in the Chhath festival. Chhath festival, which gives importance to cleanliness, shows the strength of unity of the people and also teaches that if people unite towards environmental protection, then various diseases can be cured through cleanliness. Along with this, you can also be saved from natural disaster.

(Based on a conversation with our correspondent Amber)

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