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Chaila Bihari said on obscenity in Bhojpuri singing, the song should be such that even father and daughter should not feel embarrassed

Bermo (Bokaro), Rakesh Verma: It is not a matter that obscenity has come in Bhojpuri singing today. Earlier also there used to be obscenity in the songs, but at present it has increased a lot. There are two or three categories of spectators. Some people like entertainment, while some people like obscene songs. Same, some people like Nirguna. Everyone has different audience. At present, there has been a flood of Bhojpuri singers and most of the people are singing obscene songs, which are also playing a lot. Bhojpuri and folk singer Chaila Bihari said these things in a special conversation with BollywoodWallah.

The song should be such that the daughter and the father sit together and listen to the song

Chaila Bihari said that I believe that the song should be such that the daughter and the father sit together and listen to the song. Obscenity should not be included in the songs, so that father and daughter do not feel embarrassed while listening to the songs and both dance to the songs. Remember the era of singers like Sharda Sinha and Bharat Sharma, people still like to listen to them. Music is meant to make people dance, not feel embarrassed.

there is a dearth of good songs

In response to a question, Chaila Bihari said that there is a dearth of good songs at present. To be honest, the market is empty right now and there is a better platform for people singing with good punch lines. Earlier there were many singers who used to sing good songs, but now there is a lack of singers who sing good songs. Said that when I sang my album ‘Lagal Chhe Pyar Ke Bukhar…’ it was a huge hit. Said that the folk singing of Bihar has no comparison in the whole world.

The song should be such that everyone sits together and listens

He said that when composer Surendra Kohli gave music for Chhath’s favorite song Kanch Hi Bass Ke Bahgiya, his music became a hit. It is said that the people of Bihar understand music and are lovers of music as much as they are not in the whole world. It is said that the one which rings in mourning all over the world, when it rings in Bihar, people start dancing. Superstar Bihar has made big artists, singers and actors. The songs should be such that everyone listens together and the rhythm should be such that they dance.

my son likes to sing english

Folk singer Chaila Bihari said that whatever song my son sang, I forced him to sing it. He had absolutely no desire to sing folk songs. As soon as he regained consciousness, he went to the city, then his thinking changed. He likes English songs. Once there was mourning in someone’s house and the woman was crying. Hearing her voice, the son started saying that look father, the woman is singing. I said that even if we cry here, there is rhythm in that too.

I got a lot of love from the audience

In response to another question, he said that I got a lot of love from the audience, as much as I did not deserve. I didn’t even learn a bit of music. When Pyaar Ka Bukhar album hit, I came to know that I sing so badly. Had I known earlier, I would not have sung at all. The desires of a person are infinite. I got more in life than what I deserved. All the credit for this goes to the values ​​given to me by my parents. Even today I am engaged in the service of the people of my village. Said that I entered Bhojpuri and also did 10 films, but I do not want to work as a creation, rather I am a creator. I like the person who works underground and not as a creator.

I don’t like making remake films

Chaila Bihari said that people come with film offers, but want to make a remake film, which I do not like. I do not agree with those who want to achieve something immediately. When Pawan Singh sang the song Lollipop, it became a huge hit. If I were in Pawan Singh’s place, I would never have sung songs like ‘Raat diya bujhake tune kya kya…’ after Lollipop. Once I walked out of Dilip Sen-Samir Sen’s studio because I didn’t like the composition.

I have deep affection for Jharkhand

He said that I have a deep attachment with Jharkhand. I am real Jharkhandi. I did my education from Ranchi. Sung many songs for Jharkhand separate statehood movement. First of all I sang for HMV in Nagpuri. When there was no market for singing here, then I shifted to Bhojpuri. Said that now once again I am returning to singing folk songs. Soon my album of songs is coming which will be purely based on folk songs. In which there will be message along with entertainment.

Today’s artists are not giving respect to each other

Folk singer Chhaila Bihari said that after stage programs and YouTube era, he had gone away from songs for some time. In response to a question, he said that today some Bhojpuri singers of Bihar sometimes abuse each other fiercely on social media to remain in the media, and sometimes they start praising each other. Earlier there was no such trend in the field of singing. Earlier people used to give respect to singers better than themselves. Today artists are giving less respect and more abuse to each other.


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