Car’s radar alerts you even before trouble occurs, these 5 vehicles come with powerful search engine.

Cars with ads: Car has become a necessity for people, but the safety of its passengers and its driver is also very important. That is why car manufacturing companies in the country and the world have started manufacturing luxury cars equipped with advanced features. Especially, advanced safety features are available in sports utility vehicles (SUVs), electric cars or hybrid cars. Now such technologies are being used in the safety features of cars that even before any danger appears while driving on the road, the car’s radar informs the driver about it, so that the person driving the car can sense the danger and take action beforehand. Just be careful. This technology has been named ADAS. The full form of ADAS is Advanced Driving Assistant System. Now even Indian car manufacturing companies have started using this technology in their vehicles, so that maximum safety can be provided to the passengers. Come, let us know in which Indian cars ADAS technology is being used.

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