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Car Care: How to take care of your car in summer season

Car Care: As soon as Holi ends, the heat starts showing its effect, we make many arrangements to protect ourselves from the scorching sun, but we fail to protect our car from the heat, the compensation for which has to be paid by making the car sour. Is. In such a situation, the question arises that how to protect the car from harsh sunlight.

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Keep the car covered/garaged in summer

Do not keep your car parked in the sun during summer. Keep the car covered as far as possible. If possible, park the car anywhere and cover it with a cotton cover, because direct sunlight first of all spoils the color of the car. The color of the car fades away, the car starts looking colorless and ugly, to get it repaired you will have to spend thousands of rupees.

Parking the car in the sun also affects the engine of the car.

Due to parking the car in the sun, the engine of the car is also affected; due to parking in the sun, the engine remains hot instead of getting cooled. And due to this, the packing of many parts of the engine gets opened due to which oil starts leaking due to which dust starts settling in the engine and you have to bear huge servicing charges.

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What kind of effect does CNG have on a car?

If you have a CNG car, then you need to be very cautious about heat and sunlight, because the CNG cylinder kept inside the car can explode if the car becomes excessively hot.

How to protect electric car from sun/heat

Today is the era of electric cars and you must be aware that electric cars run on Lithium Ion batteries and we must have heard and read about many incidents of fire in electric cars, in such a situation, electric cars should be protected from heat and sunlight. It is very important to keep.

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