Budget session of Bihar Legislature from tomorrow, know what will happen before the floor test?

The budget session of Bihar Legislature is starting from Monday. This session is likely to be quite turbulent. After the withdrawal of the Grand Alliance government and formation of NDA government, political tug of war continues in the state. After the formation of the government, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will present a vote of confidence in the Assembly on Monday, for which MLAs will vote in support and against. Earlier on Saturday and Sunday the parties held banquets, training and meetings. During this time, leaders of both the parties are also making their respective claims.

Proceedings will begin with Awadh Bihari Choudhary’s address

For the Legislative Budget Session starting from Monday, February 12, the Assembly Secretariat has decided the proceedings of the first day of the Budget Session. On the first day, the proceedings will start at 11 am with the address of the current president Avadh Bihari Chaudhary. Then Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar will address the members of both the houses (Assembly and Legislative Council) in the Central Hall. After the Governor’s address, all the members will go back to their respective houses.

No-confidence motion will be moved to remove the Assembly Speaker

After the MLAs return to their respective houses, the no-confidence motion (resolution) related to the removal of Assembly Speaker Awadh Bihari Chaudhary will be placed in the House for consideration. The House will consider this, during which there is a possibility of uproar between the ruling party and the opposition. All parties have issued whips to their members to remain present in the House during this proceeding.

Voting will be held on no-confidence motion

After this, voting will be held on the no-confidence motion brought to remove the speaker. If majority is proved against the speaker then further action will be taken by the new speaker. The Deputy Speaker will conduct the proceedings of the House until the new Speaker is elected. However, if the Speaker himself resigns from his post then voting will not take place. But Awadh Bihar Chaudhary has already said that he will not resign.

CM will present vote of confidence

According to the decision taken regarding the Speaker, after the newly elected Speaker sits on the chair, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will bring a motion in the House that ‘This House expresses confidence in the present State Council of Ministers’. Then the presiding members of the House will be nominated and a Business Advisory Committee will be formed. After this the necessary work will be executed.

Now know the number of members in the assembly

  • Total MLAs: 243

  • Magic figure of majority: 122

  • In favor of NDA: 128

  • JDU: 45, BJP: 78, ‘Hum’: 04, Independent: 01

  • RJD: 79, Congress: 19, CPI(ML): 12, CPI(M): 02, CPI: 02, AIMIM: 01

Samrat Chaudhary will present the Economic Survey for the year 2023-24

On the first day of the budget session, state finance cum deputy CM Samrat Chaudhary will present the economic survey for the year 2023-24. This report will reveal details of the development in the social and economic sectors of the state. There are a total of 14 chapters in the Economic Survey for the year 2023-24. In this survey, the state’s growth rate, per capita income as well as agriculture, enterprise, labour-employment-skill, infrastructure, e-governance, energy, rural development, urban development, banking, human development, child development and environment were included. There will be detailed information about climate change and disaster management.

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