Brother shoots his sister’s lover in Gumla, RIMS referred

Gumla: Vikas Sahu (24), a resident of Sogra village of Sisai police station, angry over his sister’s love affair, entered his house and shot his sister’s lover Kunil Sahu (20) of the same village late on Monday evening, killing him. got injured. After the incident, the family took Kunil to Sisai Referral Hospital, from where the doctors referred him to Gumla Sadar Hospital for better treatment. Vikas, who was running away after being shot, was caught and beaten severely by his family members with the help of villagers, due to which he became unconscious. On receiving information about the incident, the police station officer along with his team reached the village and took Vikas Sahu in an unconscious state to the referral hospital Sisai, from where he was also referred to Gumla. Seeing the serious condition of both of them in Sadar Hospital, the doctors referred both of them to RIMS.

Kunil’s condition remains critical. It is being told that the bullet pierced the stomach and got stuck in the spinal cord. According to the information, Kunil Sahu was having an affair with Vikas’s sister for the last one year. Vikas did not like his sister’s love affair with Kunil. There was a serious dispute between Kunil and Vikas five months ago regarding his love for his sister. Vikas had many times instructed his sister to stay away from Kunil. Despite this, both of them used to meet often. It is said that on Monday, Vikas’s sister had gone to Kunil’s house at around 4 o’clock. Vikas’s mother Sushila Devi went to Kunil’s house to take her daughter, but he refused to go home saying that he wanted to stay with Kunil.

After knowing about this, Vikas called Kunil and asked him to send his sister home. But Kunil refused to send his girlfriend. Angered by this, Vikas went to Kunil’s house with a single shot pistol and fired at Kunil, in which Kunil survived. When Vikas loaded the second bullet and fired again, the bullet hit Kunil in the stomach, due to which he got injured and fell down. Kunil’s mother caught hold of Vikas and hugged him while he was being shot. Vikas somehow freed himself from him and started running away, but the villagers chased him, caught him and beat him severely.

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