Broke traffic rules more than 300 times, now have to pay Rs 3.04 lakh

Bengaluru: Traffic rules have been implemented in India to prevent road accidents. To make the drivers aware of the traffic rules, campaigns are run from time to time at the national level by the Central Government and by the State Governments. Apart from this, the traffic police also keeps alerting the drivers. Despite this, people do not desist from violating traffic rules. It is surprising to know that people do not stop violating traffic rules even after being issued challans and facing fines. It is reported that a scooter driver from Bengaluru violated traffic rules more than 300 times. Now he will have to pay Rs 3.04 lakh as fine.

Broke traffic rules more than 300 times

According to a news in English newspaper Deccan Herald, police officials said on Sunday that a resident of Sudama Nagar, Bengaluru has been accused of violating more than 300 traffic rules. Police said that after this, a fine of about Rs 3.04 lakh has been imposed on him, which he has not paid yet. Police officials say that traffic police officials had also gone to his house and given notice to pay the fine.

Refused to pay the fine

Police officials say that when the traffic police officials went to his house to serve the notice, he flatly refused to pay the fine amount. He told the officials that he did not have money to pay the fine. He told that this person has a Honda Activa scooter, whose number is KA05 KF 7969.

case will be filed

After the traffic police officers went to his house, he handed over the scooter to them and asked them to confiscate it. At present the traffic police has refused to accept his request. Along with this, he has also been warned that if he does not pay the outstanding amount, a case will be registered against him.

Kept talking on mobile without helmet

Police officials said that he used to drive without a helmet and used to talk on mobile while the vehicle was moving. Apart from this, he also used to jump the signal on the red line. He told that at present he has sought extension to pay the fine amount.

No talking on mobile while driving

Let us tell you that in India, talking on mobile while driving is a legal offense. By doing this an accident can happen at any time. Traffic safety rules say that while driving, your eyes should be on the road and concentration should be on driving. If you get a call while driving, first park the car somewhere after checking the space and then talk on the mobile phone. If this is not done, legal action will be taken against the driver.

Two-wheeler drivers must wear helmets

Along with this, if you are driving a two-wheeler, it is very important to wear a helmet. Traffic rules state that riders of two-wheelers must wear ISI-certified helmets to avoid accidental injuries. If a person drives a vehicle without a helmet, action will be taken against him under Section 129 r/w 177 Motor Vehicles Act.

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